Sunday, June 22, 2014

We are still around

Boy I have been bad with updating this blog. Kinda lost interest when we were in Texas.We have been to a state campout and a samboree in Indiana. A retiree rally in  Ohio. This weekend we are in Shelbyville, In for horse races and visiting friends of ours. They are quiting camping and bought a house here. We leave in a week for Vermont for our campvention. Will be there a week and then start back for home. Stopping along the way at various sites.  Well that is it for now. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Heading home

We are on our way home. Two more days and we will be home. We are in Sikeston Mo tonight. Went to Lambert's home of the throwed rolls. We have leftovers for tomorrow night. This winter was not the best as far as weather goes. We had the best weather at our retiree rally. It ended on Sun evening. Will stop in Casey Ill. tomorrow night. I sure haven't done very good on the blog this winter. We did not do all that much sightseeing as we were there 3 years ago. Well can't think of much else.  Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Catching up again

Last week we went to Bentson State park. Saw a lot of green jays. They had a blind set up where you could see them . I took a lot of pictures.I need to upload them then put a link on here. On Sun we went on a Dolphin tour at South Padre Island. We did not see that many Dolphins. Lot of pelicans around the dock area. Took a lot of them I cant remember how to put pictures on here. Have to figure how to do that. I have done it other times. Today Eli got a clip and so did Thelma and I. Went to super cuts. The lady was originally from Tenn. I like the good English talking ones. Tomorrow is laundry day. We leave here on the 13th and go to Rockport TX for a week. Guess that is about it. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday we went to a Mexican restaurant with the winter Texans. It took forever to get served. We had 80 some people coming which they know but only had one cook for that many. Then the waitress were not ready for that many. Not enough of them. By the time we got our food the first ones had already eaten and got their bills. Those of us at our table were not happy. Today was our meeting this morning and then this afternoon we had people from the border patrol. It was very interesting to here how many they catch in a day and what the people will try to do to get over here. It was another warm day. It has been above normal for the last few days. Guess it is making up for the cold that we had. Tomorrow I need to find a office Max and a Lowes. Also think grocery run maybe. Well that is it for tonight  Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, February 17, 2014

Catching up

Well here I go again Trying to remember what we have done. Sat we went to the flea market to hear Gordie and Debbie. What a great duo they are. Could have sat there all afternoon. Went to church at 5. Sunday we had Walter Plant for a gospel show. This man is blind. But you wouldn't know it from listening to him. It has been really hot here . It went from cold to hot Not something in between. Tomorrow we have a winter Texan dinner so think we will put the air on for Eli. Guess that is about it. I need to write down what we do and then put it on here. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold Spell again

Well it turned cold here again. They say this is the worst winter they have had in a while. I know it's not like back home but it is getting ridiculous. Tues we took Eli to get groomed. He really looks good. He got a report card. Said he really did well. Even brushed his teeth. Today some friends stopped over and we went to lunch at a BBQ place it was good. We had not been to it yet. At the meeting this morning they said somebody had clothes on the line outside by the Laundromat and somebody took them Somebody walked off with Thelma's Pyrex casserole dish at Christmas time. If we were coming back down the valley we would not stay here that is for sure. Well guess that is it for tonight  Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, February 3, 2014

Were still here

I know it has been a while since I posted. Seems if I don't do it every day I get way behind. Not even sure what all we have done. Last Friday we went to a RV show in Mercedes. They had quite a few trailers there. Looked at some Montana's. Didn't see any that we really liked. Fri evening we had a fish fry here in the park. It was good. We went to Golden corral for breakfast Sun morning. It was better than Shoneys and cheaper too. It is about the same distance from here. today we had our jam with lunch before hand with haystack Tomorrow  Eli gets clipped. He needs it bad. Can't think of anything else right now Will try and keep up with this better. Ron Thelma and Eli