Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are now in Sedalia,Mo for our FCRV rally. We will be here till a week from Friday. It is hot here but cooled down this evening. 71 at 9:45 pm. We will have a fun filled week I hope. We arrived about 2:00 this afternoon. I will get some pictures of the campers tomorrow. We have about 2 days where we don't have much to do and then on Thurs I start taking pictures. Thats about it for tonight. About ready for bed I'm tired tonight Think the driving does that. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mulberry Grove, Il

We are setting here at a campground in Mulberry ,Il. WE got here about 2:00 Central time. Went into a Pondarosa for dinner with Dick and Marge. Was really pretty good. Tomorrow we head for Sedalia Mo. Will be there for about 10 days. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving on

Tomorrow we leave here and head for mulberry grove, Il. We will stay the night there and then go to Sedalia,Mo. We had a great time here this four days. We went to church this morning and then to breakfast with the family. This evening Nephew and niece came out and stayed for a while and then a cousin came and stayed for a while. Nice chat. Our friends that we are travling with to Sedalia came in this afternoon late. So we are ready to hit the road in the morning. Later all Ron and Thelma and Eli

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy day

Today we went into Tipton to meet Kevin and family, Violet and Sherryl for pizza the Pzza shack by the tracks. This is the best pizza we have ever eaten. After lunch we went to the 40th anniversary party. It Was nice. Saw some folks we hadn't seen for sometime. We have been home here for a little while Will fix some supper later here. It is down to 84 Has been in the 90s. When I look out the back window where my laptop is that is the view I see on yesterdays picture. I will post a lot more when we get to our campvention Thats about it from here.
Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Day

Another day is gone. We had a cookout tonight at Thelma'a Nephews place His brother is here from Iowa. We had a great time Brats Burger and Dogs. Here is a picture of where we are

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We are parked here in Whiteriver Campground. It sure is hot. It is 80 out right now at 9:30. We went into tipton to take Thelma's sister and niece out for supper for their birthdays which were a week or so ago. We then came back to the camper. Thank goodness for A/C. I remember when we had the old FW it had no A/C. Don't remember it getting this hot. Will try and post a couple of pictures of this campground tomorrow sometime. We will be here till Monday Morning Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

We are leaving tomorrow after the mailman comes. I have stopped the mail after that. We will go to Cicero In for the weekend. Thelma'a brother paul and his wife are celebrating 40 yrs of marriage. We will leave on Mon morning for Sedalia Mo. again. Hope we don't have the rain we had there in May. Probably will be hot as all get out. Got the pool uncovered this evening. Kristin wanted to use it while we were gone. It had been so lousy weather that thought maybe we wouldn't open it till after we got back. That's about it for tonight. later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We got home today about 1:00 this afternoon. We had a good campout. Not very many there. Only 30 units. It has been getting smaller all the time. We had no rain all weekend. That was good. We have about a week and a half before we leave for Sedalia again. That's about it from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We are here for a State Campout. Only 32 units. It seems to go down every time we have one. It is a bueatiful day today. I did not get on the net last night as we had hospitality and then set around the campfire till about 11. Woke up this morning early. We have a big day ahead. 'Happy Birthday to my sister Shirley. Not saying how old she is but she's getting there. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting caught up

Got the grass cut and mail sorted. Not as much as I thought it would be. Right now am paying some bills and then need to go out to the camper and get the dirty clothes out. You know laundry. Later Ron Thelma and eli

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home again

We made it home today about 3:00 In time. Had beautiful weather on the way. Backed in and went to get the mail. Went to Nine mile to get a bite to eat. When we got home I cut the grass. It needed it. We will be home till next Fri when we leave for a State campout That's it for now Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Change in plans

We have decieded to stay another day here I was raining pretty good this morning and since we don't have to be home we will stay another day. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so should make it better. We have cable and wifi so are happy. Not much else. I'm sure we will leave tomorrow. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Effingham, Ill

We are back here at the campground we stayed at on the way to escapade. Not near as busy as it was on Memorial day Fri. We left about 4 dollars at the casino. I won .41 cents on one machine. It takes some time to learn how the machines work. Guess I'm not a big gambler. This morning we did two loads of laundry at the campground we stayed at last night. That way when we get home tomorrow we won't have so much to do. We couldn't get in here till 1:00 so turned out good. Think we are going to Culvers for supper. Then stop at Wally world on the way back. We need a couple of bulbs for some lights in the camper. We had some hard rain when we got to Ill. Nice out now. Sun shining. Guess thats about it for today. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, June 1, 2009

St Charles Mo

We are in a rv park at St Charles Mo. We will go to the casino later for dinner and maybe throw a little money away. It is really hot here. We had a great time at the resort with Paul and Beth. The people that they camp with were great. It was like they had know us before. We will try and get back there. April and Kaden come in on Sunday and stayed for a few hours. Kaden had a ball. We grilled brats and burgers and dogs. Had a great time. Paul and Beth left when we went this morning. We stopped at a sausage place not too far from the campground. Bought too much. We will leave here probably tomorrow and head to effingham ill for the night and then home. Later all. Ron Thelma and Eli