Friday, June 29, 2012

Camping in the driveway

We had a storm here in FT Wayne this afternoon. Trees down in the area. No Power. So fired up the little Honda and moved to thefiver. Now we have lights and tv.Here is a picture of one of the trees just down the road  They say we had 91 mile anhour winds. Looks like it. We have a few small branches down. Not bad. Will work on that tomorrow or Sunday.Well that is it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back Home

Well we are back home. We are tired. We had a good rally. On Thurs night we had Larry Gatling and the Gatling brothers. This was a good show. On Fri night was Burt Backarach He was okay I guess. Not my type of music. On Sat night was Sheryl Crow. We stayed about 10 Minutes and walked out along with half the crowd. It was so loud and not the type of music for 60 - 80 year olds. Don't know who did the entertainment but they should be fired.. On Sunday they had and Elvis impersonator. He was really good. I would place him right behind the Gatling's.He had a nervous twitch in his leg. It kept shaking all the time. Ha. He didn't try to sing like Elvis. But did so many of his songs. The rally had a lot of motorhomes. Not a lot of towables. I will post some pictures and also put a link up for all the pictures in the next few days. It is going to be hot here the next few days. like 100+. Need to get the pool ready. Any other year it would be cool when we are home. Not this year. Well that is it for tonight Later all  Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shepaardsvile. Ky

We got here about 2:30 this afternoon. Made good time. It is stinking hot here. Took me a long time to get all set up. Got the trailer set up and hooked to electric and then turned on the a/c. Took awhile till it cooled down. We sat out side and talked with our friends. There are a lot of campers here that are leaving tomorrow to stay on the rally grounds. hope their electric is good.They use big generators for the electric. With this heat they better be big. Well that is it for tonight Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. Will let you know tomorrow Later Ron Thelma  and Eli

Monday, June 18, 2012

Leaving tomorrow

We are heading to Louisville in the morning We are going to the good SAM rally there. We will be staying at a campground just south of  there. That way we will have good electric and full hookups for the week. Not sure just what time we will leave in the morning. Want to get an early start as it is going to be another hot one. Well I need to go out and hook up the trailer so I have that  done in the morning More tomorrow from Shepardsville. Ky   Later  Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Thought I should update. We have not gone camping this week. We had talked about going to a retiree rally in Ohio but decided to skip it this year. Need to get some things done around here. Have a wedding Sat night. Here is a couple of pictures from the samboree that we went to last week. Don't know if you know what they are or not. I remember them from a long time ago.

The first one is a binder. This is what you cut the wheat with and made it into bundles and then you stacked them up and made shocks with them
The second one is the separator or thrashing machine as we called it.This is an Advance Rumley like Uncle Carl and Uncle Rudy had. I remember going around the to the neighbors and thrashing. The women always made great meals. I drove a tractor with a wagon for a few years and then loaded the bundles on the wagon
The last one is an old type of sickle type of cutter and wind rower.The boards had rakes on them and moved the wheat of in windrows and then you had to go along and pick it up and put it on the wagon.  So little history lesson today. I imagine they get these out when they have their fair. Well that is it for  tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli