Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend with Ohio campers

We went over to Baylor Beach campground this weekend. had a great time. This is over by Amish Country. Even had Amish family come into campground with some baked goods. He sold out quickly on Sat night. It was about 210 miles over there. We would like to go over for a week in the fall and have time to see more. There is a campground around Berlin that is right in the middle. Some of the folks said that is where to stay. We will be home now till we leave for our Regional and Campvention at Amana Colonies. Well that is about it for now.  Later   Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, June 10, 2013

Way behind

I am late doing any posting. We were gone last week to Hillard Ohio for the Ohio Retiree rally. Had a great time with our friends over there. On Wed. we went to a clippers game in Columbus. Lot of sun. Too much me thinks. Wed night Thelma and I both were sick. We did not get up till just before noon. I took Eli out before 9 and he crawled right back in bed with us. I think he knew we didn't feel well. I went over to the building that evening for dinner. Had some pork loin. and potatoes. Couldn't eat it all. Stayed for the entertainment. Thelma stayed home. Friday we went over for pancakes. Tasted pretty good. When ready to come home I dumped and when trying to leave I went under a power line that I tore off the building. Had Ohio AEP come out and hook up the line and hold it up enough for me to get through Tore off my vent. Put it back on. When we got home on Fri the TV wouldn't work. Picture rolled and funny colors. Called Comcast and they said Tues before we could get anyone out. Talked to my son and he said try on of the other boxes. That didn't  work either so the TV was bad. Gee it is about 25 or so years old. So we bought a 46 in digital Nice picture. So that is about it from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hillaard, Ohio

We are over in Ohio for their retiree rally. Came over on Sunday afternoon. So far we have had a great time. Today we did a road rally where you follow directions to different places and find certain things. Then pick up a new envelope with new instructions. We all met at the Amish kitchen. Buffet was great. Ate too much. Tonight we did a balloon race. Hard to explain Tomorrow we are having biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then going to Columbus clippers game. We will be here till Friday and then head home. More  to follow. Ron Thelma and Eli