Saturday, January 28, 2012

Civil war Skirmish

We left this morning about 9:30 and headed for the town of Fort Meade. Just on the east side of town is a park. This is where the reenactment was held. We got there and walked around as the battle did not start till 1:30 so we had some time to wait. We ate a taco on fry bread. Probably not the best for us but we split it. It had a lot of stuff on it. We did not bring chairs so we had to stand most of the time. Thelma found a stump to sit on. We have been to other reenactments and this one was pretty small.  It is called the battle of Bowlegs Creek.  We picked up some literature on the 150 battle of Shiloh which is going to be March 30 - April 1 It is in Tennessee. This might work for us on the way home. Will have to see if I can find parks up that way. Okay here is some pictures

They also had a festival along with this reenactment. They had this clogging group. We watched for a bit and then headed for home. The dog above belonged to a sutler or vendor. They sell stuff. Had quite a few of them Here are the clogging group a couple of pictures One real cutie

Don't know how old she is but she looked like she hadn't been doing it all that long. Tomorrow our friends from Ky are coming over. They are staying at a state park about an hour from here. We went to seem them Wed.  Well that is it for tonight Gonna hit the bed early tonight as I think the sun did a job on us. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, January 27, 2012

50 years of wedded bliss

Today Thelma and I celebrated 50 Yrs. I remember the little church we got married in Tipton In. Small wedding but had all our friends there. This noon some friends took us out for lunch. Well really dinner. We had steak and salad bar and a side dish. It was good. Could not eat all of what we got. We did not do anything this evening as we were full. So ate a few left overs from last night. Tomorrow we are going to a civil war reenactment. It is just a little ways from here. I will get some pics of it and post them on here sometime Maybe Sunday.  Well not much else. Oh we got a little rain here early this morning. I like when we are laying in bed  and you can hear the rain on the roof. We got .25 in of rain. They could use a lot more. Well that is it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Couple of busy days

I am behind a couple of days. Wed. we went to Hillsborro River state park to our friends Jack and Barb. They are from Kentucky. We left a little while after we got there and drove to Lazy Days sales. What a place Never saw anything so big. They give out free lunches. We got on a golf cart and asked they buy to take us out to the Montana trailers. Looked at some of the new ones and also heartland trailers. I don't really like the new ones. They don't have desks in a lot of them. After leaving there we went to plant city to a place that sells produce and strawberries. We got strawberry short cake. Thelma got a big bowl of just plain strawberries. Here is what it looks like Mine is the one with the big glob of whipped cream.
Here is Jack Barb and Thelma . We were so full.
Barb had a boat of Ice Cream with strawberries. We had a great day
Here is a dog that was with his mom and dad waiting in the lobby. Not sure whether they had bought one or having one fixed. May he looked at too many campers. 

Then today my sister Shirley came over from Kissimmee. They are over there for a Corvette regional rally. We sat around for a bit and then went to a town south of here called Frostproof.  We went to the Frostbite restaurant. Had sandwiches and the Ice Cream. They have Bryers ice cream and it is good. This evening Thelma and I went to a restaurant called Sizzling steak house . We ordered a combo of chicken and ribs. When they brought it out we almost fell on the floor. It had a half of chicken and half slab of ribs. We had a big pan of salad before that and also had a sweet potato. We have lunch for the next couple of days. Tomorrow we are meeting some friends of ours for lunch. Tomorrow is our 50 anniversary. Can't believe it has been that long.  Not sure what we will do in the evening. Maybe just hang around here.  Well that is it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eli's haircut

This afternoon we took Eli to a groomer down here. She raises poodles. He looks just great. He started to smell like dog. I didn't want him to feel bad. We have another appt. for the end of Feb. That should last him till we get home in April.
The other day we took our newspapers down to the recycle bin. I caught a couple of birds. Not sure if they are the same or different. One has different color beak.
Here they are
Here is the other one. Click and it will get bigger and you can see the difference
Here is a flower I took the other day at the growers building
Any body know what it is. It sure is pretty  Well that is it for tonight Tomorrow we are driving over to Hillsboro River state park to see some friends who are camped over there.  Later  Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, January 20, 2012

Memorial Service

This afternoon we went to a memorial service for a long time FCRV member who passed away last Sunday. He and his wife have attended all 50 campventions. We had a lot of FCRV members there Also neighbors of theirs and members of their church. It was a great service. They showed some photos on the screen that I had sent to his daughter. Afterwards we went to a restaurant to eat. Had a good visit. That is it for today We did not get back till after six. Went up and got the mail.  Tomorrow we are going out with some friends for lunch to celebrate Bobs birthday.  Not sure how old he is. Think he is younger than us. Well later  all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Laundry Day

This morning Thelma did a load of laundry. She used the big one so got all in one. Then this afternoon we went to the Camping world store to see about ordering a fender for the Montana. They guy said he would have to call Keystone and see if we could just get one or have to buy two. One for each side.  He still has not called back. Found out yesterday that I need to get a prescription from our Dr. in Fort Wayne for my test strips and lancets for DB testing. So will do that in another week or so. I have enough for 100 days so no biggie. Yesterday there was a plane spraying the orange groves behind us. I got one picture . He was so low and so fast. Here is a couple The one you can just see the plane behind the trees.
Then today I took some of the orange juice plant here with all the truck loaded with oranges. They bring them in and then pick up an empty and off they go. We are surrounded by the groves. Here is a some shots of that

Well not sure what tomorrow will bring. Nothing planned at the moment. That is it for tonight Oh we got a little rain this evening. First since we have been here. They need it as it is really dry.
Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This morning we went to the Lutheran Church here in Lake Wales. Their pastor is having some medical problems and so they had a visiting pastor. I was a little worried as he looked to be about 80. Needed help to get up to the alter. But when it came time for his sermon we were surprised. He was really good. You just can't tell by looks. We also went to Communion. We will go back again next week. Talked to the couple in front of us and they are from this park also. They asked if anyone was new here Quite a few stood up. We stood and introduced ourselves as being from Fort Wayne. After the service as we were walking out a lady caught up with us and said they were from Fort Wayne also. Didn't get to talk much Maybe next week.  After church we went to a small restaurant. Had good food. This evening we went to bible study We have been going on Sun evening since we got here. Enjoy it.  Well guess that's it for today. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Down to hospital

This afternoon we went with another couple down to the hospital. Boy what a difference a few days make. He is doing so much better. Sitting in chair and did some walking today. He will go to rehab next week for some therapy. We were so glad that he is doing so much better. They had him in ICU for a while on a ventilator and heart monitor. The surgeon that came in was really upset. Think he straightened them out. We stopped at a little restaurant on the way home. Had a Cuban sandwich. It was good.  Well that is it for tonight. About time for bed..  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, January 13, 2012

Laid back day

We did not do much of anything today. They are paving the road across from us so I watched them a little. Then this afternoon we went with our friends to the mall. Didn't see it all  Stopped at the Hallmark shop. Bought some stuff at 75% off. Good buys. Then on the way home we went to Woody's BBQ . We order a feast for four. It had BBQ chicken, ribs and pork. Also FF cole slaw, and Baked beans. We each brought something home for tomorrow. Will probably go back there again. They also have all you can eat chicken for 599.. That is a good deal. We then came home. The little boy was glad to see us. That is Eli the poodle. He is laying by Thelma now. Think we might go to see our friend tomorrow. They were moving him today so we didn't go. He is doing a lot better.  Well that is it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laundry Day

Today was laundry day. Thelma did one load that she couldn't do earlier. We then drove to a camping store. I was looking for a water hose about 4 ft long to go from the filter to the trailer. He didn't have any. Could order it. Might go to camping world a little ways west. Not sure how far it is. The friend of ours who is in the hospital is doing better. The surgeon said he didn't need surgery so that is good. Not sure when he will come home. Well guess that is for tonight  Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another nice day

We had another great day today. This is what we came down here for. This morning we had the coffee klatch where you find out what all is going on this week here. They had a guy from Lowory organs demonstarting their organs. I just loved it. Sounded like a whole orchastra playing. We then came back andate lunch. and sat outside for a bit. Eli wanted to go out so got his chair out and we sat in the shade of the trailer. He was happy . About 2 I went down and got our mail. Got some more. Then about 3:30 we rode with some friends down to Sebring to see a friend who is in the hospital. He is haveing trouble with his back. Seems like some discs are bad. He is on pain meds but they need to get it regulated. He can not move at all. We then went to a buffet to eat. Hope it didn't do too much damage. I got a couple of pictures of Sand cranes this morning  Here they are and also a picture of our lot.

The golf cart is our neighbors. They told us we could us it anytime we want. Now that is nice neighbors. Well that is it for tonight. Think tomorrow is going to be laundry day. I will us the golf cart to take Thelma up the road a bit to Washers and dryers.   Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A beautiful day

This morning we went to church here at the park. A nice sermon. The minister is pretty good at preaching. We came back and ate lunch and about 3:30 Thelma and I went to the pool. Nice ! Not sure how warm the water was but it felt really good. Then this evening we went to a bible class. Shirley the town is only about 5 or so miles where the Wal Mart is. There is also a mall a little farther away. We will go one of these days and see where everything is. Tomorrow morning we have what they call coffee clatch. You can get coffee and rolls Thelma and I split a roll. Well guess that is it for tonight Not sure what else we will do tomorrow.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving day

Well This morning we went to the club house for breakfast. They had sausage, scrambled eggs pancakes biscuits and gravy and coffee. It was pretty good. This afternoon I moved the trailer back about 4 feet. I think. It sure makes a difference. Now have a lot of room in front to park the truck in  front. Tomorrow morning we are going to church here as we have not gone into town to find the Lutheran one yet. We will start doing a little checking out things next week. We know where Walmart and Publix is. Thelma went up to the pool today with a friend of ours to exercise in the pool. She might go again tomorrow. I might even venture up there. The pool is heated so should be pretty good. Well guess that's all for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, January 6, 2012

Eating out

This morning Thelma and I got up and went down the road a bit to a restaurant for breakfast. Pretty good and not to expensive. Only thing is we are used to getting our coffee included with our breakfast at Halls in Ft Wayne . Not here. Then this evening we went to another restaurant for dinner. Thelma had chopped steak and I had catfish filet's. Ordered the 3 piece one. Could have got by with 2. Brought one home. Tomorrow morning they are having breakfast here at the clubhouse.  Got ticket last Sunday. Will see how good it is. I want to move the trailer back some. Might do that tomorrow. Won't take long. I should have put it back farther when we came in. Not much else new. Think next week we are going to do a little sightseeing. Guess that's it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not much going on

Today was a kinda laid back day. Thelma Eli and I took the golf cart and drove around the park. Can;t believe how big this place is. We still have not seen it all. This evening I went up and played euchre. Didn't do to bad. Guess that is it for tonight  Later  Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is going on

Hey Mr weather man  I came to Florida for some warm weather not this 30 and 20 degree stuff. They are saying a hard freeze warning tonight here. The orange growers are getting ready to spray the trees if it gets to cold.  There is a grove right behind us but don't know if they will spray or not. These are juice oranges. Right down the road is a plant with trailer upon trailer filled with them. Today Thelma did laundry and then we went and got our pass at the office. They put it on the window and when you pull up to the gate it opens. Like magic. This afternoon the neighbor guy knocked on the door and said we can use their golf cart anytime we want if they aren't using it. He is not feeling well. Has back pain. He looked like he is older than 72. It will be nice to have that. We can drive around and look at all the homes here. I walked to the post office here this afternoon. We got the letter from the PO that are mail will be forwarded to here. Probably another couple of days for it to get here. Well that is it for today. Real exciting   Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, January 2, 2012

Another nice day

Today was the last nice day for about 4 days. We are getting a cold front coming in tomorrow. Going down to the upper 30s tonight and lower 30s tomorrow night. Then gradually warm up to the 70s by the weekend. This morning Thelma and I went to the coffee klatch. This is where you find out what all is going on the next week. We got tickets for a breakfast next Sat morning. Think the shuffleboard group is putting it on. Then this afternoon we went to Wall mart. It is a pretty big one. Didn't have diesel fuel though. Need to find out where to get it. Tomorrow we are going to do laundry. Got a bunch. Some we brought from Ft Wayne. Well that is it for tonight I have some pictures I will put on here in the next couple of days   Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beautiful day

Well  This was our first full day. Got up this morning and fixed breakfast. Then  went to church here at the resort. Nice sermon. A little long but good. Then after lunch Bob and Carol came down and we sat outside and visited. Boy that is nice. It was in the high 70s today. Later this week we are only gong to get into the high 50s that will be not so good. Tonight Thelma and I went to a Bible class. Carol does it. It was pretty good. Not many there. Well guess that is it for tonight I am sitting at the computer and drinking a Coors Light.  Later Ron Thelma and Eli