Monday, January 9, 2012

Another nice day

We had another great day today. This is what we came down here for. This morning we had the coffee klatch where you find out what all is going on this week here. They had a guy from Lowory organs demonstarting their organs. I just loved it. Sounded like a whole orchastra playing. We then came back andate lunch. and sat outside for a bit. Eli wanted to go out so got his chair out and we sat in the shade of the trailer. He was happy . About 2 I went down and got our mail. Got some more. Then about 3:30 we rode with some friends down to Sebring to see a friend who is in the hospital. He is haveing trouble with his back. Seems like some discs are bad. He is on pain meds but they need to get it regulated. He can not move at all. We then went to a buffet to eat. Hope it didn't do too much damage. I got a couple of pictures of Sand cranes this morning  Here they are and also a picture of our lot.

The golf cart is our neighbors. They told us we could us it anytime we want. Now that is nice neighbors. Well that is it for tonight. Think tomorrow is going to be laundry day. I will us the golf cart to take Thelma up the road a bit to Washers and dryers.   Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It's so nice to have neighbors who are willing to help out. Love the bird pics.

  2. great bird pics...nothing like having great neighbours...:)

  3. Good pictures. Where were the cranes?