Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Laundry Day

This morning Thelma did a load of laundry. She used the big one so got all in one. Then this afternoon we went to the Camping world store to see about ordering a fender for the Montana. They guy said he would have to call Keystone and see if we could just get one or have to buy two. One for each side.  He still has not called back. Found out yesterday that I need to get a prescription from our Dr. in Fort Wayne for my test strips and lancets for DB testing. So will do that in another week or so. I have enough for 100 days so no biggie. Yesterday there was a plane spraying the orange groves behind us. I got one picture . He was so low and so fast. Here is a couple The one you can just see the plane behind the trees.
Then today I took some of the orange juice plant here with all the truck loaded with oranges. They bring them in and then pick up an empty and off they go. We are surrounded by the groves. Here is a some shots of that

Well not sure what tomorrow will bring. Nothing planned at the moment. That is it for tonight Oh we got a little rain this evening. First since we have been here. They need it as it is really dry.
Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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