Thursday, January 26, 2012

Couple of busy days

I am behind a couple of days. Wed. we went to Hillsborro River state park to our friends Jack and Barb. They are from Kentucky. We left a little while after we got there and drove to Lazy Days sales. What a place Never saw anything so big. They give out free lunches. We got on a golf cart and asked they buy to take us out to the Montana trailers. Looked at some of the new ones and also heartland trailers. I don't really like the new ones. They don't have desks in a lot of them. After leaving there we went to plant city to a place that sells produce and strawberries. We got strawberry short cake. Thelma got a big bowl of just plain strawberries. Here is what it looks like Mine is the one with the big glob of whipped cream.
Here is Jack Barb and Thelma . We were so full.
Barb had a boat of Ice Cream with strawberries. We had a great day
Here is a dog that was with his mom and dad waiting in the lobby. Not sure whether they had bought one or having one fixed. May he looked at too many campers. 

Then today my sister Shirley came over from Kissimmee. They are over there for a Corvette regional rally. We sat around for a bit and then went to a town south of here called Frostproof.  We went to the Frostbite restaurant. Had sandwiches and the Ice Cream. They have Bryers ice cream and it is good. This evening Thelma and I went to a restaurant called Sizzling steak house . We ordered a combo of chicken and ribs. When they brought it out we almost fell on the floor. It had a half of chicken and half slab of ribs. We had a big pan of salad before that and also had a sweet potato. We have lunch for the next couple of days. Tomorrow we are meeting some friends of ours for lunch. Tomorrow is our 50 anniversary. Can't believe it has been that long.  Not sure what we will do in the evening. Maybe just hang around here.  Well that is it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Happy Anniversary you guys. 50 years - that is really impressive. Those strawberries and cream looked like a celebration to me.

  2. Happy Golden Anniversary, it is a landmark that not too many people reach. Congratulations~~

  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary. I hope you have a great day.

  4. Boy do those strawberries and whipped cream ever look good. I bought some here recently and they were pretty good for off season.