Thursday, July 19, 2012


Well At last we had some rain.I looked this morning after the rain stopped and we had 2.25 inches of rain in the last two days. I can't even remember when we had rain. Think it might have been when we had the storms a couple of weeks ago.This is the most we have had in quite a while. This will maybe help the soybeans around here. I think it is too late for the corn. We went to a garage sale this morning in the rain. Thelma bought a quilt stand for 5 $ It is in really good shape. It was and estate sale. Nothing else to interest us. My niece in Tipton In had lighting  hit her big oak tree. Stripped the bark right off it. Her and her Mom were in the car just arriving home when it happened. Scared them. She now has a mess to clean up.Well that is it from here. We have been using the pool the last week or so. Sure feels good when it is 90 or more. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lost the power again.

Last evening we went to a funeral home out north of town. Had some hard rain and hail there. We then went to eat. When we were almost home noticed some stop lights not working. Thought oh oh Sure enough we had no power. Fired up the generator and plugged in the camper. Slept in it last night. Sometime during the night the power came on as I had left the outside light on When I woke up this morning the light was on. Boy this has been some week . They have almost everyone back on power now I think.Well that is it for now. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Update on power

We got our power back on Monday just before noon. We had to be at the hospital for Thelma to have an iron infusion. She is low on iron so has had three iron infusions. Also had a couple of other tests. She goes in later this month to see another specialist for her thyroid. That is part of the reason we are not going to Canada for our campvention. Since medicare doesn't cover us up there we are not taking any chances on anything going wrong. We have not missed one since we rejoined. Today it is 100 with a heat index of 106 last I looked. Think I got the pool about ready to use. Hope so It is about84 in the water. Well that is it for now Later all Have a happy 4th