Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Update on power

We got our power back on Monday just before noon. We had to be at the hospital for Thelma to have an iron infusion. She is low on iron so has had three iron infusions. Also had a couple of other tests. She goes in later this month to see another specialist for her thyroid. That is part of the reason we are not going to Canada for our campvention. Since medicare doesn't cover us up there we are not taking any chances on anything going wrong. We have not missed one since we rejoined. Today it is 100 with a heat index of 106 last I looked. Think I got the pool about ready to use. Hope so It is about84 in the water. Well that is it for now Later all Have a happy 4th


  1. Iron infusions are not fun. I had a couple like 30 years ago and I can still remember them. Sure hope this helps and Thelma can get to feeling a whole lot better.

  2. sure hope the infusions help Thelma...our daughter also has to have them thats one hot place....stay cool....

  3. I knew that Medicare does not cover medical costs outside the U.S. I do know people who still travel in other countries...not sure what they do..either they just take the chance or maybe there is a temporary short term policy or something you can buy. Don't blame you for not wanting to take the chance.