Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Truck fixed

Got the scratch fixed on the truck. Had been putting it off. Seemed like everytime I would think of it we had something else planned..Gary picked me up yesterday and brought me home. Today Thelma brought the car home. She drove yesterday from Meijr out on Maysville. First she had drove since before the knee replacement. They washed the truck evidently cause it was nice and clean. Sure hate to drive it. We went to Wendys for supper and took the truck to see if Thelma would have any problems getting it or out. She did good. The worst part is getting out. So we are good to go later this month. Im sick of this weather. Thats about it for now. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well we are getting snow again. It has stopped for now. Just shoveled off the deck. My brother and his wife stopped in this afternoon. We had a nice visit. They will be leaving tomorrow to head back to Ill to see if their truck can be fixed quickley or if they need to leave it. It stopped on them on the way to Fort Wayne. I got a letter yesterday from the district court here in Fort Wayne. I have been selected for duty on the 12 of Jan. I hope it doesn't affect our plans to leave on the 18th. I sent a note in the questioner that we were planning on leaving at that time. Probably doesn't make any difference to them. Well that's about it for now. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well Christmas day is about over already. We had Christmas with Gary and Family last night. Dinner at our house and then we went to Church at 7:00. After that we went to Garys for gift exchange and pie. Today Thelma and I went for dinner in Fort Wayne and later in the afternoon went and feed Gary's dogs. What a ranbuntious bunch. It has been raining here off and on most of the day. Not sure if I would rather have snow or rain. Well that's about it from here.
May all who read this blog have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ron and Thelma and Little Eli

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thought I better update this thing. We have been pretty busy for us. The other day I deceided to defrost the freezer in the basement. Boy did it need it. I ended up throwing out some stuff that was over two years old. Had two garbage sacks full. Well not completly full as they are two heavy full. Also put up some shelves on the door for the pantry. It holds a lot of the cans. We found some stuff in the pantry that we forgot about. Threw that out too. We baked some monster cookies yesterday and today I made some oatmeal and butterscotch. They are from Market day. We have some snow today. I think it quit now. It is really heavy. Course I didn't put the blade on the tractor so the snow will just stay there. What God puts down he will take away. That is what the guy who owned the mobile home park in Urbana always said. He was really bad about doing snow unless it really got deep. Not much else going on. We are still not sure exactly when we are leaving in Jan ?Will post on here when we are going to leave. Thats about it Later all RonThelma and Eli

Friday, December 11, 2009

New jack

Picked up the trailer today. They put a new jack on the left front side. The service writer says it was of me having the stabilizers on the front. I can not believe that so many other people on the Montana forum have them and have not had any problem.. I still think that it was something else. I am not really happy with this guy. He seems to be one of them that thinks he knows it all. So it is sitting in the driveway waiting till after the first of the year. We will probably leave about the middle of Jan. Depends on the weather forecast. Thats about it for now. Tomorrow we have a cookie walk at church and an open house at Edward Jones office. Sunday afternoon Concordia has their Christmas concert at the Embassy. That is always neat. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold, cold and colder

Boy this is not my kind of weather. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the wind. I am going down to get the trailer. They had it done earlier in the week but with the wind I wasn't about to pull it home. Now if I would had to have it it would have been different. Guess thats about it for now.
Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, December 4, 2009

Few thoughts

Well still not have not heard anything about the trailer. They needed to get the part so it might take awhile. Guess we don't need it right now. We sure can't camp here at 27degrees. We went to a Memorial service for Darlene Wed night. Jack and Barb came from Ky. We picked them up at his Mom's. It was a very good service. The service was at Jim's church. (son). His wife sang a couple of songs. She sang bueatifully. The pastor did a real good job on the message for not really knowing the family. It sure is going to seem different when we talk about them. We have know them since 1968 when we both joined the camping club. Thelma is getting along pretty good. She doesn't have near the pain as she had for a while. She still can not stand for long times. Well that is about it from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, November 30, 2009

Not much new

Not much new here. I took the trailer down to Walnut ridge today. They did not have the part so left it there. I hope they get those jacks working right. They say that it is the stabilizers that I put on. I don't really think so but they are going to take them off and see if that does it. I'm beginning to think it is the jacks themselves binding up. Hope not as that is $$$. We had a lazy weekend. Didn't do much except church and breakfast Sun morning with Gene and Sylvia. Thelma has a Dr. appointment tomorrow morning This is with the regular dr. Six month checkup. Well that is about all from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those that read our blog. Today has been a dreary day. We were going to church tonight but Sylvia stopped by this afternoon and wanted to know if we wanted to go out to eat. So church tomorrow morning. The lady picks up Eli and takes him to her house and then we can pick him up but sometimes she brings him back. Yes we had a lady at Urbana Ohio that did that with Buttons. That was really neat. Not sure where we are going to eat tomorrow. Guess that's about it for tonight Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

PS Just received an email from Bob Gurney. Darlene passed away last night with her family at her side. No visitatation. Celebration of life on Dec 2. We have know them since 1968, She will be missed.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not much new

Yesterday I did one more pass on the leaves and then put the vacuam trailer away till next year. We took Gary and family out to eat at the Catholic church east of new haven . They have a turkey ham dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving every year. We have gone the last few years and meet Gene and Sylvia there. They have ham, turkey mashed potatoes dressing green beans gravy Cranberry salad, pie or cake. Then they sell beer for 1$ a glass. Gene bought Gary and I a beer. Had email from Bob Gurney and Darlene is still on ventilator and dyalisis. She had two bypasses and heart valve replacment. They don't know at this time if that will be permament or not. They are still residents of Texas. You never know what life is going to throw at you. We have to get up early as Julia who does eli is picking him up at 7:30. SHe comes around and picks up the animals. Thats about it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday the 20th

Today was a fairly nice day. Gary came out and helped me load the chipper in the truck. Went to his place and chipped up a whole bunch of branches. He had a lot. We should have done them once in the spring. Guess we weren't home enough. I can feel it tonight. I need to tear the chipper apart tomorrow and reverse the blades. They must be getting worn out as it doesn't do as good a job as it used too. Have to get the manual out for that. I looked at it once. Thelma still has some pain but think it is getting better. Had an email from Bob G and he said darlene is holding her own. They put a trach in so they could take the tubes out of her mouth. She is still on Dialysis. Wed it had been 14 days. The doctor thought maybe by Christmas she might be able to go home. That would be a nice present for the family. It will still take a while for her to get her strenth back. Well that is about it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 16

Not much new. Yea it seems like this knee is having more pain than the other one. We really can't remember for sure from the other one. Eli is one lucky dog that is for sure. But we feel pretty lucky to have him. If he just got along with other dogs. Darlene is holding her own. Not much progress as of yesterday evening. Usually hear something around 10:00 in the evening. Thats about it for tonight. Thanks for all the prayers sent Thelma's way. A couple of more weeks and she will be better I hope. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time sure flies

Well Think I missed a couple of days. Not much has happened. Thelma is still experianceing pain more than she would like. I think I have done all the leaves for this year. They are mostly down and don't think the rest will make much difference. Thelma went to church tonight and even walked up for communion. Went to Arbys and got a couple of sandwiches and brought them home. Eli loves that . He really likes roast beef. What doesn't he like. He is one spoiled dog. Well that is about it tonight. Will probably not post as much as most of the stuff is over. Will keep updating when we find out something about Darlene. She is still in Icu. Having some problems. Had email today where they gave her more blood. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting old?

Here it is Wed and I don't see a post for Tues. What happened. It must have not appeared on here. I guess I missed again. Today Thelma had her last therapy today. She got her graduation T shirt. Now she has two of them. We went to Concordia High tonight for a choral concert. Kristin is in the womans glee club. It only lasted and hour which was good as Thelma was getting antsy. She can't take to long sitting in one place. That was about her limit. The concert was good. It is cool here tonight Supposed to warm up later. Fri is really supposed to be good so think I will finish up the leaves. I think most will be done by then. What isn't will stay till spring. They are working on Tillman road. The company that pt in the lowest bid gets the work. They are just doing in different sections. They are not doing the whole street. The company is garcia. Now what do you think the people are. Wonder if they got green cards. They seem to work one day and then take the next off. Probably won't get done till Christmas. Well that's about it for tonight Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, November 9, 2009

Did it again

Missed yesterday. I wanted to put a picture of the tree out front on here so went out and took the picture but then didn't get it on the puter. Here is the picture from before

Here is the picture taken yesterday Sure looks different

Thelma had therapy today. She is sore. She says the lady really works her over. Don't know what she expects Don't know too much more Bob and Darlene have rented an apartment on Superior street in Ft Wayne, They will stay there till Darlene can travel which may be awhile. Have not heard anything from Bob today. Probably later this evening. Thats it for today Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One nice day

Boy was today a nice day. I did some more leaves. Still have a couple of trees that the leaves are hanging on . We had therapy yesterday afternoon. Went to Halls on Bluffton road to eat afterward. She has two more sessions then that is over. She goes to the surgeon on Dec 15th.
I got an email from Bob Gurney yesterday late afternoon. They took Darlene back to surgery for some bleeding in her chest cavity. I have not heard anymore since then . The surgeon said that some rest she would be okay. Prayers sent her way would be appreciated I'm sure. She is one tough lady to go through what she has. That's about it for tonight Gonna hit the shower and shave. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Guess what

I missed a day. Thought about it last night after I went to bed. I was busy typing up a notice to put in our Hoosier Chatter. Since we have taken over the Retiree director job I need to try and put something in the chatter sometimes. This is for a mini rally that we will have in May. I need to have Thelma proof read it. We went for the cumaden check yesterday. She takes it till Monday and then is done. We don't need to go out to the hospital to have it checked. Had an email from Bob G that Darlene is doing pretty good. Progress is slow She is in and out. Her heart and lungs are being assisted by mechanical means. Will keep you informed. Have therapy this afternoon. I have laundry in the dryer. It should be done pretty soon. Thats about it for now Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not much new

Today was a pretty laid back day. Went to the financial guy this afternoon. Took care af a couple of things. For those that know Bob and Darlene Gurney she had her bypass and heart valve replacement today. Talked to Bob and said it took about 8 hrs. She had a lot of scar tissue and lesions. She is in icu. Tomorrow when Thelma does blood check we might try and talk to Bob. They were going to keep her sedated till tomorrow sometime. Glad she made it through this. She has had a lot of trouble the last few years. Thelma is starting to use her cane some here in the house. Still uses the walker most of the time. She is a tough cookie. Her pain threshold is a lot higher than mine let me tell you. Thats about it for tonight. Tomorrow is Cumaden check. Maybe only one more after that. It's a little way out to Lutheran for that. Last year we did it at the Medical building on Brooklyn ave. Lot closer
Later Rn Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surgeon visit.

This afternoon we went to the ortho Dr. They took the staples out. Couple of them pinched pretty good. The dr said it looks good. They took Xrays to make sure everything was strait and in place. Good shape. The plastic looks funny in the xrays. Then later in the afternoon she had therapy. 3 more of them to go. Oh forgot to say she goes back in 6 weeks for dr.

We had one of the bacon deluxe burgers from Wendys They are pretty good. Eli likes anything with meat in it. Only part of our leaves are down. 3 of the trees are pretty bare but 3 more are still hanging on. We have two more weeks before they pick them up again. I will probably work on them this next weekend as it is supposed be nice weather.

Think that is about it for tonight. Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes. It works. Think we are going to put the ice thingie away. We have not used it for quite a few days. Now we have two of them Might put one in the trailer for emergency's. Thats about it for tonight
Later Ron THelma and Eli

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Almost 2 weeks

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since the surgery. We see the surgeon on Tue. They may take out the staples then. i think they did that on the other one the last time. Tomorrow is cumaden check. I got the leaves done this afternoon. Had to go get gas as the tractor went dry. Took Thelma with me and we went to Wendys for a quick sandwich. Brought them home. Eli liked that. He is like a little pig. Most of the neighbors did there leaves today also. It wasn't half bad. No wind which made it pretty nice.

We will probably be gone for about 3 months. Will leave in Jan sometime and not come back till the first part of April. Our retiree rally is in Ladson SC in March 23 to 28. We will head home from there so it shouild be the first part of April. Thats about it for tonight. Later all
Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Missed Fri.

We lost our power Fri night Not sure why. My internet went out first and then Just as I got into bed we lost all power. But it is really dark out here when no lights at all our on. I got a small lamp and put it in the bedroom in case Thelma had to use the bathroom. It cam back on around 1:00. We had the tv on when it went out so it came on loud. At least it seemed like it. I am almost ready to leave for church this evening. Thelma is not going. Her leg still hurts and she can't sit still for very long. We both think this one is worse as far a pain goes. She had therapy yesterday and she was whipped when we got home. I did some leaves but it doesn't look like it . I will probably start on them tomorrow Thats about it for today. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

PS We will probably go to Alabama first and then head to florida before we go to the Retiree rally in SC.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting better

Thelma is getting better all the time. She still has some pain. We went this morning for cumadin check. Med stays the same. She is keeping the blood at the right level. It seems to me last year they had to change it some to get it to stay within the levels. We went out tonight to Decatur to the galley to eat with some friends. They have a special on Wed and Thurs night where you can get two dinners for 8.95, That is real good. Tonight it was fish with fries coleslaw and roll. We go there whenever they have something good. Next week it will be something different. Gene and I split a pitcher of Coors Light. Was good. The pitcher cost about as much as the meals. Did two more loads of leaves this afternoon. The bueatiful tree in front is naked. They will pick up leaves next week sometime. I hope it is later in the week as that will give me more time to get some more up. Tomorrow is therapy day. Not till 4:00 in the afternoon. Thats about it from here for tonight. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Therapy Day

Today was therapy day. The first of many. Well not sure how many I think 3 wks. We go again on Fri. afternoon. We went to Halls for breakfast. Then to Indina Therapy. She was tired when she got done. It was an hour session. She has some exercises to do at home. We had a friend stop over this afternoon to see her. They are leaving for the south this Sat. Another of our friends called this morning and they are leaving for Fl on Sat. Sure hope we can do that in Jan some time. A butterburger is something that Culvers has. Not sure if they fry them in butter or what but they are good. Onion rings are not to bad either. Tomorrow we have a day off. It has sprinkled here today and the leaves on my pretty tree have almost gone by the wayside. Well thats about it for tonight. Yall have a good day tomorrow. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cumaden check

Also know as rat poison.
We went to the Heart center today to have her blood thinner check It was right where it should be. In cace you don't know the bottle says warfin. After that we went to Culvers for lunch. We had coupons for a butterburger and sundae. Was good. This afternoon I hooked up the vacuam for the mower and did the leaves. Got two loads already One from the front yard and one form the back. Have a lot more to do. We have our first pickup by the city next week . Will have the last one 3 weeks after that . Hope they are all down by then Thats about it for now. For those that are in the south already. Have a good time. Maybe we will see you later in the year. Thelma is getting along pretty good. She still has some swelling but it is getting better. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another day

Here is the tree in the front yard. I don't think it has been this pretty in quite a few years. A lot of the leaves are already down. I used the blower to clean the deck of leaves. They were a little slippery when wet and with Thelma having to tgo to the Cumaden clinic tomorrow I didn't want her to slip. Yes this year should be better. No ice no snow. The swelling has gone down some today. She at least got to get some shoes on. Not sure what is causeing the swelling. Neither one of us can remember the last time if she had that problem or not. Funny how you can remember some things and not others. Don't know when she will start therapy. We will stop tomorrow when we go out to lutheran hospital and see what they say. I guess that's about it for tonight. Stay tuned for more info. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers sent our way. We apreciate it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another day down.

Well we had another pretty good day. Thelma still seems to have some swelling in her foot and some in her leg. The foot seems to be the worst. We have been putting ice pack on it during the day. She went t bed early tonight. She still gets tired. I went to the kroger this morning and got a few things. A friend stopped in this afternoon for a while. We had a good visit. On Monday we have to go to the cumadin clinic at Lutheran and have her blood checked We also have to make a stop at the therapy place on Brooklyn Ave. Tomorrow I think I will go out to our old church and get carryout for us. They are having a Swiss Steak Chicken dinner. That is the hardest trying to figure out what to fix to eat. Well that's about it for tonight. Will probably update again tomorrow. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day two at home

Well today was another day. She is getting along pretty good. She took a shower this afternoon. Took a while to get in the shower. Got it done though. She just went to bed. I think I might follow soon. I don't think either one of us has slept as good as normal. I hear her when she gets up to go to the bathroom. I normaly wouldn't wake up but guess my mind is listening for it. So far that has been no problem. We just sleep in later in the morning. It has been a lousy day as far as weather is concerned. The rain has brought down a lot of our leaves. I need to take a picture of the tree in front. It is really pretty. Will try and do that tomorrow. Thats about it for tonight. Got a few things to do tomorrow. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thelma is home. Arrived about 2:00 this afternoon. It will be good to have her home. Eli is really happy. He could not settle down this afternoon after she came home. Gary Lisa and Kristin came out this evening. Kristin wanted so see grammy. She is not old enough to come to the hospital. They have kind of a flu thing where you have to be eighteen to get in. Guess that's not all bad. She is in bed now hope she gets a good night's sleep. Guess thats about it for now. Will keep updating as she progress. She will start therapy next week. Later Ron Thlema and Eli the happy puppy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day three

Well another day gone. Thelma was up and walked in the hallway this afternoon. They have not said anything about going home yet. Maybe will find out more tomorrow. I think she is about a day behind from last year. Mostly due to nerve block that she received. The first day she could not stand on her own. That was not the case the last time. "I got the trailer all winterized this afternoon. All done till we deceide to head south sometime this winter. Not sure yet but it will be after the first of the year. A lot depends on how Thelma does with therapy and how well she gets along. She has been sleeping a lot here. I think it took a lot out of her. Well thats about it for tonight. I will head home in a little while. Feel free to comment at any time. Any questions just post it on the blog or email us. Later Ron Thelma and Eli who misses his mommy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day two

Well another about done. Thelma is doing okay. Not sure she is doing as well as the last time. Neither one of us can really remember for sure just how things went. Guess that happens when you get older. She finally ate some chicken noodle soup tonight First she has put anything other that Ice chips and water down. They had her up for therapy this morning and was in again this afternoon. I was not here for that. Gary our son and I closed up the pool. Not that it was time for that. The water was COLD. I also blew out the trailer water lines. Will still put antifreeze in them probably tomorrow. We usually give up camping after the second weekend in Oct. Paul not sure yet what happened with the anathesia. Will try and find out. Thelma is watching the news now. Think that is the first it was on today. I was here this morning and she was sleepy. Not sure if she had a good night or not. I might bring my camera tomorrow and see if I can get a picture of the knee. I saw it this morning when they changed the dressing. Looks like the other one did the last time. Bunch of staples. Guess thats about it for tonight. Will post again tomorrow. Am posting from the hospital. Later Ron Thelma and Eli. Oh Eli slept in the bed with me last night. The last time he stayed on the couch and slept. Was glad he was with me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

All Done

The surgery went well. The doctor said it went as well as the last time. The only think was that Thelma was awake the whole time. She was not happy with that. She did not have the anathegelost she was supposed to have They had to call in a different one. They were a little late getting started. She got out about 3:30. She is having some pain Hope she has a good night. They might have to give her a pain shot. They said in the morning that she will sit up in bed and put her legs over the side. Probably by the evening they will have her standing. Thats about it for tonight . More tomorrow. Later Ron Thelma and Eli.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

One more day

Thelma has one more day before surgery. We went out with Gary Lisa and Kristin tonight. Went to chinese buffet. Was not the best. They were not very busy so don't think the food was all that warm. It is cool here again. 42 right now. Probably about 20 degrees below normal. This has been a weird year Thats about it for tonight Check back Monday for updates on "Thelma Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is a photo of one club at the Halloween campout over in Ohio last weekend. We went out with Jack and Barb to eat at Olive Garden tonight. Since it was raining and we could not sit out we sat in their motorhome afterwards and talked They are leaving in the morning for Lagrange Ky. We will not see them again till spring unless we hook up with them in Florida this winter. We shall see. We have had lousy weather this week. We still have some stuff in the fridge in the camper. Hope to get it out this weekend. and get it winterized. I have to get the pool done next week. It is supposed to get up to 60. that will seem like summer with the way it has been. Gary said he would come out and help. Will do it either Tues or Wed. Will do it after I get home from the hospital in the afternoon. That's about it from here Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool Night

It is cool here tonight' We wre going to go out to see Jack and Barb but deceided it was to damp and cool to do it. Thelma does not need tocatch a cold as that would put of the surgery We are going out tomorrow night with 8 other people to eat. They are all campers. A couple are full timers. Thats about it for tonight. I will send an email to family about something that has happened here. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home again.

We are home for the year. We had a good wekend with the folks in Ohio. Got home about 1:30 or so this afternoon. Went to Halls for supper and then went out to the campground where Jack and Barb are. Had a great campfire. It was nice and calm and felt good. Got hhome about 10:00. Tomorrow we need to start bringing stuff in from the camper. What a bummer. Thelma's suregery is on the 19th of this month. Hope it goes as well as the last one. Will post here on the blog all updates. Thats about it from here for now. Will probably post more later in the week. Oh my jacks are still not working right so will have to take it back. maybe this week if we get it emptied out. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, October 9, 2009

Urbana ,Ohio

We made to urbana about 1:00 this afternoon. Had rain all the way. The jacks on the front are not working again. Called the dealer and will have to take it in when we get a chance. If we get it cleaned out this week may try and take it down this week yet. If not we will have to wait a few weeks till Thelma can get along by herself while I take it down. We have hospitality tonight at 8:00. Tomorrow will be a busy day. Went to the airport cafe tonight. Seemed they were slow. They were quite busy so maybe that is why. hope this weather clears up. This is not good camping weather. That's about it from here tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

We will be on the road in the morning. Heading to Urbana Ohio. We spent 14 years there when I worked for IH. This is a Halloween campout that Ohio FCRV puts on. We have gone to this for the last few years. Always enjoy it. They are so friendly to us. We have gotten to know a lot of the people real well. It is rainy here in the fort. Hope it quits before morning. Hate to hook up in the rain. I think I only had to do once this whole summer.

Thelma's surgery is scheduled for the 19 of Oct at 1:00. We need to be there at 11:00. It might be a long day.

Went out with friends Jack and Barb tonight. Went to Bandidos. $5.00 pitcher of margaritas. Each couple had one pitcher. Feel real good now. They are really good. That's about it for tonight Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good to go

Thelma had her pre op check today. She is good to go. Only took about an hour. They did not take her up to the therapy room as they said she had been there once . We went to the Legion out north tonight and met Jack and Barb. All three children were there. I used to call them kids but they are all grown up now. Tracey is a year older than Gary Chris is a couple of years younger and Rex is about 4 or 5 years younger. Chris is in the army in Germany. A lt
Col. He will have 20 yrs in in Jan. Will stay in as long as they want him or till they move him where he doesn't want to go. Thats about it for now. Will update later this week from bueatiful Urbana , ohio
I see I had Annie comment on my blog. Yes I miss that dog. She is a sweetie just like her mom. She's kinda sloppy kisser though.

Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, October 5, 2009

Home for a few days

We got home about1:30 this afternoon. They put a new gear box on the jacks. Not sure they are working quite right. Will see this next weekend. sWent out with Gary Lisa and Kristin for Thelma's birthday. Had cake at Garys. We will sleep in a little later in the morning but then we have to get busy. I need to take propane tanks and get one of them refilled. We used a lot of gas last week as it was cool and not enough electric to run heaters. Thelma has here pre op test tomorrow afternoon at 1 Wed I have haircut it will be busy this week. We left the trailer hooked up when we were at Tipton. At brown county I used a hydralic jack to get the trailer unhooked and then on Sun morning used it again to get hooked up. This will be our last weeked of camping. Thats about it for now. Hi annonyamous

We did not get an award this year. We have only been back in FCRV for 7 years as of last year I think. We received the Hall of Fame award two years ago. this is the states highest award. We have also been appointed In Retiree Directors. The couple that had the job deceided to give it up. We are good friends with them. They talked us into the job. We thought we would never take another job but deceided to take this one. We had a lot of people congradulate us on Sun when they announced it. Also said they would help us at any time so that makes us very happy.

Stay tuned for our next adventure Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tipton, In

We made it here about 3:15. Got set up and Sherryl came and picked us up and we then went to Logons road house for steaks. We then went back to Violets and Thelma Sherryl and Violet went to the grocery. I took Annie for a walk and then waited for them to get back. We came back to the trailer about 8:15. Will get up early in the morning and head for the trailer dealer. Thats about it from here. Will post tomorrow on what we find out about the jacks. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

Well the rally is almost over. Tomorrow we have church and then a board meeting. I am going to get up early enough that I can get the trailer hooked up before church. Yes this is only a 2 day rally. It is for people that are not retired. A lot of the retirees stayed over. Think only one left and they had some buisiness to take care of. We will go to tipton and then leave there on Mon morning to get the trailer jacks fixed I hope. They gave out awards tonight for people that have 5 10 15 20 or more years in FCRV. They then had a band that played bluegrass. We stayed for about an hour and then left. That's about it from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, October 2, 2009

Invitational Rally

We started our Brown County invitaional today. This is when all the other people come in that are not retired. We have a pretty good group here. Had hospitality tonight and then played euchre. Just got back. Did n't do all that well but had fun. Tomorrow there is not much going on. Some games in the afternoon. and evening program. Think we will go out for Mexican food. Thats about it. Oh some guy backed into my truck with his motorhome. Hit the truck with a bicycle carrier. Just scratched the piece above the bumper. A couple of people saw him. His wife was watching and didn't get him stopped in time. I wonder if nobody had seen it if he would have owned up to it. I had to ask him if he hit it. Then he said yea i guess I did. He almost acted like it was my fault. We don't have to high opinion of him. Will call the insurence co next week. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day three

Another day down already. Sat around a campfire tonight with about 6 people. The rest were in playing bingo. That is not my game. It finally got cool enough that we cam back to the trailer. Boy fall sure is here. Right now it is 49 degrees. Furnace is running. Tomorrow the men make breakfast for the women. Scrambled eggs Bacon, Gravy and biscuts pancakes. They eat well. Later and ice cream social and meeting. That's about it for tonight. Got to get up at 6:30 that is early for me. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2

We had a good day today. It was a little cool but not bad. Thelma and I and the little boy went and took the gears I had back to the rv dealer as they were not the ones I needed. Still not sure what is wrong Might take the motor off tomorrow and check a couple of things. We had a noodle soup supper tonight with the group here and Then I played euchre. I hadn't played that for some time. Had fun. Tomorrow we have a potluck. Just love them. Probably not good for us but they are usually pretty good. We set around a campfire for a little bit tonight. Got kinda damp so came in the trailer. Thats about it for tonight. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brown County

We got here about 12:30 or so. Our landing gear jacks are not raising the front of the camper. So had to us a hydaralic jack to raise the front end. I took the gear box apart but doen't look like anything is damaged. So called Walnut Ridge campers and will take it in a week from today. We are going to stop in Tipton on Sun afternoon so will leave there Mon morning and go to New Castle. Hope they get it back by Thurs as we want to go camping on the weekend over in Ohio. Thats about it from here. Its 59 Degrees. Not too bad. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Johnson County Park

Here is a picture of Eli last week. I was on the computer and Thelma was doing something at the table so he laid down with his head on the table leg. He is just happy to be close to one of us.
We are here at Johnson county. Will leave tomorrow for Nashville. It is rather cool here today. Yesterday it finally stopped raining but then rained some more during the night. Was a little bit worried about getting out but no problem. I think most of the people got out okay. We drove about 50 minutes to get here from Shelbyville. Nice little drive. We have had a lot of choppers going over us as they are landing at Camp Atterbury. Not sure what they are doing but that is a place that they train units going over seas. Mostly Guard and Reserves. Seems they are using them more and more. It is going to be somewhat cool next week. I remember a couple of years ago we about melted as it was so hot. Now it's gonna be cool. Why can't we just get a medium temp and leave it at that. Well thats about it from here. Will blog next week from Nashville, In. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another day shot

At least it finally stopped raining. It rained till about 1:00 this afternoon. The sun never did come out. We went to Walmart for a couple of things that we forgot yesterday. It is not far from the fairgrounds. Had some pretty good entertainment tonight but not as good as last night. That's about it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Sam Rally

We got to Shelbyville this morning about 10:30 or so. Had a lite drizzle all the way. Still drizziling tonight. It had been a wet day. They had a polka band for entertainment tonight. Boy were they good. My kind of music. Thought of the old days when we went to weddings and they had a live band that played that kind of music. Hope that the weather clears up. Might have fun getting out of here on Sun. Well thats about it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summit lake state park

Here is a picture of the trees at Summit lake. They are starting to turn already. We had a good time here Had a potluck tonight and leave tomorrow fo the Good Sam rally. Its late so got to get to bed. Where does the time go when your having fun. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our next stop

We will leave here Wed. morning and head to Summit Lake state park down by New Castle, In . Will spend the night there and then leave Thurs for a good sam rally at Shelbyville, In. Be there till Sun and Then To Johnson County park for Sun night. Mon we move to Nashville, In Fairgrounds for our retiree rally. The Little opry theatre burned down Sat. Night. Total loss. What a shame. Will blog from these stops this week and next.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home for a couple of days

We got home about 4 pm this afternoon. We had good weather and a good trip. We had an enjoyable weekend with the people of Ohio. I will get the pictures uploaded this week and put a link on the blog. I noticed I had a anynomous poster on the blog. I can't imagine who that was. Only person I know that calls us uncle and aunt and has a dog named annie is somebody from Tipton Indiana. I finally talked her into looking at my blog. Welcome to the blog Sherryl. Thats about it for now. Will blog Wed or Thursday. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, September 18, 2009

P.Grajam Dunn

Today we toured the PGrahamDunn facility. This is a neat place. They make plaques personalized Gifts home decor. Her is a picture that hangs in the lobby. I will put more pictures on the web albums when we get home. A lot is done with laser and router type cuttings. We also bought a couple of paintings there. They will be on the web albums when we get home I need to pictures of them when we get home. One will hang above the couch and not sure about the other one. We had hospitality tonight and visited with some of the people. Tomorrow we are going to go to Berlin Ohio and Walnut Creek which are big Amish Comunities. Will eat at a Amish resturant tomorrow night. An amish family came into the campground and was selling pies and bread. Bought a peach and Black Razberry along with a loaf of bread. We are close to Navarre Ohio and Berlin, Ohio Thats about it from here tonight. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Amish Country

We got here about 2:00 this afternoon. Sat around and rested. We just got done with dinner. Fixed burgers and had baked beans. Not sure what all tomorrow will bring. A tour is going on in the morning. I forgot where it is going. We will go. It was a long haul over here Little over 4 hrs. Guess we are a little crazy. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ready to leave

We have the trailer packed and ready to go in the morning. Course we don' take much out at all. Yes I changed the look and added the picture. Sherryl took it with her camera over the weekend Had to learn how to resize it to fit the blogger. I keep learning more all the time with this stuff. I want to put a picture in the header but want to get one of the truck and trailer. Thats about it now Will update tomorrow or Fri maybe with some pictures. We are supposed to be in amish country. That might be good. Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home for a couple of days

We are home for a few days. Got home about 2:00 this afternoon. Got a late start from Tipton. The fuse that powers the landing jacks that raise and lower the front of the trailer blew and got a little hot and melted the holder. I need to get a curcuit breaker and rewire it tomorrow. "We will leave on Thurs morning for a campout in Ohio. Did three loads of laundry and cut the grass this afternoon and evening. Busy day. Thats about it from here. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to the Fort

We will leave here tomorrow morning for home. Seems like the time has just flown by. We have had a good time. Went to church here this morning and went to breakfast with Violet and Sherryl. We came back to the trailer changed clothes and sat around playing ball with Eli. There was no one else here so we let him play of leash. Vilot and Sherryl stopped by after they counted money at church. We sat here for about one or two hrs. We then went to there house and did angus burgers for supper along with chips coleslaw and cucumbers. We will miss seeing them. We have seen them a lot this summer as we used either here or cicero as a last stop before home. We will stop here in Oct. on the way home from Brown County.

Tomorrow would have been my Moms 94th Birthday. Still miss her.

Will get a picture of Thelma Eli and I on here next week. This will be the permament one that is always in our profile. Have to figure our how to do it.
Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, September 11, 2009

Here piggy

We are at Tipton for the pork festival. This morning I worked on Sherryls trim and calked it. This after noon we went up to the food tent. Had one pork chop beans and potato salad pie and drick for 8 bucks. Tonight Sherryl and I walked up town for a country concert. It was packed there. We had to set about half block away. but could still hear it. Was pretty good. Not sure what all we will do tomorrow. I know breakfast in the morning. A car show plus parade in the afternoon. There is another concert in the evening. Not sure we will go to that yet. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we leave for Tipton. We will stay at the fairgrounds. Will be there till Mon morning. Have a few things to do for Sherryl and also do the pork fest. We will be going out with Gary Lisa and Kristin for my 70th birthday.. Boy that sounds old. It is dreary here today. No sun. Hope it clears up some. Thats about it for today. Will do more either tomorrow or Fri. Later Ron Thelma and ELi

Saturday, August 29, 2009

last day tomorrow

We will head back home tomorrow. We have had a great time hear in Ohio with these folk. They all are so friendly. We are looking foward to a couple of more ones this fall with some of the same people. Talk about a small world. Fri the State director for Ohio brought over a lady that came in with a motor home. She is from Woodburn, In. She used to live in Ohio and served as secretary for this serve organanzation which gives scholarships for collage kids that belong to fcrv. She is a widow. Lost her husband a couple of years ago. Not sure how she found out about this but she is going to come to some of their campouts. Might talk her into coming to some In. ones. Thats about it for this weekend. Church tomorrow at 9:30 and then pack up. Little over 4 hr drive but it was worth it. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, August 28, 2009

Zanesville, Ohio

We got here about 2:oo this afternoon. About 4 hrs driving. We are always glad to come to one of the Ohio campouts. They are so freindly with us. Big farmers market here tomorrow morning. Can;t wait. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

We are heading for Zanesville ohio tomorrow morning for a weekend campout. Will come home Sunday afternoon and stay for about 10 days. Will leave on the 10 of Sept for Tipton for the pork festival. Thats about it from here. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, August 24, 2009

Home again.

Well we got home about 2:00 this afternoon. Went and picked up mail. Went to nine mile for supper. Than I cut most of the grass. Part of it had gotten dewy so will do it tomorrow. Here is a picture of Sherryl's dog in the river at the campground She walked in the mud on the driveway so we took her to the river. She seemed to enjoy it.
We will be leaving here Fri Morning for Zanesville Ohio for a campout there. Then will be home for about week and half and then to the Pork Festival at Tipton. We will camp at the fairgrounds since we will only be there for 4 days. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guess what we did. No we didn't trade. This is our neighbor here. What a unit. 39ft. And pulled with a International truck. We are leaving here tomorrow morning. We have really enjoyed our week here. We got to visit with Violet and Sherryl. We have spent every evening with them They are probably tired of us. I told Sherryl that we were coming down for the Pork Festival. Probably tired of us by now. Her dog Annie has gotten to know me real well in fact the other night Sherryl had a meeting so I walked Annie for her We did well. Thats about it from here. Later all. Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Day

today I put in a new service door for the garage at Violets. Sherryl asked me the first part of the week if I would do it for her. The other one had rotted on the bottom. This one is fiberglass. We had to make a run to Lowes of a 2x4. The old frame was a lot heavier that the new one so had to add wood. I will post a picture tomorrow. After I had that done Thelma and I came back to take a shower then went back into town for supper. We did pork chops and pork steaks.Baked potatoes and green beans. Sherryl and I then walked her dog in the park. Thelma did one load of laundry for us and then about 3 or 4 for them. We will go to church in the morning and then come homw here for a while before going back into town. for the evening meal. We will leave here for the Fort on Mon. morning. Will be home till Fri and then head to Zanesville, Ohio for there campout.We are talking about coming down here in Sept for the Pork Festival. We have not been to one since Thelma's mother passed on. Thats about it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli the tiger

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cicero Cemetary

Today Thelma and I went to the Cicero Cemetary. If you remember Ryan White who got aids from a blood transfusion. He lived in the Kokomo area. They wouldn't let him go to some of the schools in that area. My neice told us that he was buried there so this morning we went looking. It was in the last row that we went too. Figures doesn't. it. The rest of the day we just veged out. Tonight Sherryl came and we went to Golden Corral for supper and then to kohls. I got a couple of shorts. Then wally world for some food. Thats about it from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, August 16, 2009

White river Campground

We are here at Whiteriver campground. We just love this place. It is hady for us to go into Tipton. We went in this afternoon to Violets and took hamburgers and chips. Sherryl fixed baked beans and grilled the burgers. They were good. We had a good visit. Tomorrow Sherryl and I are going to Lowes to get a new entry door for the garage. We will go after she gets off work. Thats about it for now. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leave tomorrow

We will leave Tipton tomorrow and head to Cicero. We will go to church here and then go to Whiteriver campground will be there a week. Will visit Family here and rest and relax. Will do some updates. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tipton, In

Well we are here at Tipton at the fairgrounds. Wondered if we were going to make it today or not. Thelma had an appointment with the family Dr and then was going to have xrays of here knees. That took an hour. Two people ahead of her and doing backs. That must take longer. Then we went to the credit union. She had asked for a debit card. Over two weeks ago. She got the paper with the pin number but no card. So she called the company and they said it sould have been there. So we waited for the mailman who was and hour later than he usually is. No card. So then called the company back and told them to cancel the card. Will start over when we gat back in another week.
We sat around this evening with another couple and just talked. It was nice We are the only ones here now. Tomorrow more will come in. Thats about it for today. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

We are leaving for Tipton tomorrow. We went to the ortho Dr this afternoon. Surgery tentavely set for Oct 19 at 1:00 , She still needs to set up lab stuff at Lutheran before then. Hope all goes better than the last time. She is not really looking foward to it but it needs done. Later Ron and Thelma

Monday, August 3, 2009

One Year ago

1914 - 2008

Today it was one year ago that Mom passed away. It was a sad day for us but a great day for her. She got to be with Dad and all her relatives that had passed on before her. She also got the greatest gift of all. To be with her Saviour. that is what she had looked forward too for quite a while. We miss her but I wouldn't wish her back the way she had been feeling. She is a much better place. We will see you some day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We are home for a few weeks. We will not go out again till in Aug. We will be going to a State campout. It is at Tipton, in. The pool was green when we got back. I forgot to tell Gary to put Chlorine in it. He did put some in while we were gone but not enough. I don't think it has been warm enough for them to swim. It was only 72 this afternoon. Thats about it from here. We have dentist appointments next week and haircuts. Eli got clipped today and the groomer brought a poodle that she inheireted. The lady brought the two dogs to her to get groomed and then said that she didn't want them anymore. He was the cutest. Eli didn't like him too much. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, July 20, 2009

On the way

We are on our way home. We are in Effingham,Il. Went to Cracker Barrel for supper. It was good. Stopping at Whiteriver campground tomorrow night for one night. Then to Fort Wayne. We have had a good time. Branson is expensive. Well thats about it from here. Later all. Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day

Tomorrow we start home. Today we did a church service with Barbara Fairchild. It was a little long almost two hours. after that we went and got a bite to eat as it was after noon. Then stopped at the Stone Hill winery. After that on to the ducks I really enjoyed that

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Branson Senic Railway

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Here is the train that we rode this morning. It was a neat trip. You start in Mo and go into Ark. About 20 miles one way. Tonight we see another show. Tomorrow we go to a Babara Fairchild church service. Then ride the ducks and then come back to start packing up All good things must come to a end sometime. We have been gone a while.

Will post some picks of the Ducks tomorrow afternoon. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, July 17, 2009

Showboat Branson Belle

Here is the guy who is a ventroloquist. He made the dogs talk. I don't know how he made it look like their mouths moved. They also had a musical type show before him but this is what we rally wanted to see. He could have done more but i guess the dogs get tired. This moring we saw a show called spirit of the dance. It was really good also. Lot of energy. They probably burned 20000 calories. Tonight we are going to see a elvis impersonater. They were free tickets. tomorrow morning we go on a train ride. We were going to do a dinner ride but it is to pricey. Tommorow night we see another show. It will probably be late when we get back so thought I would update now. Lost the wifi last night. Guess the storm knocked out a tower somewhere. Only have two more days and then start for home. Guess thats about it for now. Ron Thelma and Eli.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday I played golf. Well not really played just hit the ball. It was so hot by the time we finished that I didn't care if I ever played again. Last night we went to Noah the musical. It was pretty good. They took a few liberty's with the story. I never new that the people of the town set the ark on fire. They had some real animals that they led onto the ark. I will put a picture of the model on when I upload the pictures. We couldn't take pictures when the show was on. We have found this a lot here. We are going to the Showboat Branson Belle this afternoon. We been on this boat years ago. This show is different has dogs in it. Eli wanted to go but they said no dog's He told them he wasn't a dog. It broke his heart. Ha We did laundry this morning and I went to Walmart some things while Thelma showered. Thats about it from here today . Later
Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday another busy day

This morning we got up and went to the hard luck cafe. The waiters and waitress' sing as they deliver food and take order. The couple that was there this morning were at our campvention. We are going again in the morning and another couple are going with us. After breakfast we went to a Super Walmart and picked up a few things. This afternoon we went to the Dixie stampede. I think the whole group went. There might have been a couple that didn't. Tomorrow we are going to the breakfast and then to another show right after that. In the evening we have our potluck and meeting. Eli has been pretty good about staying by himself. He is really glad when we get home. Some of the people that don't have dogs can see about three shows a day but we can't. The dixie stampede won't let you take any pictures inside. That was a bummer. I had my camera set up so I wouldn't have to use a flash. Then they wanted to sell us a picture that they took of us. No way jose"
Thats about it for today. Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Show Time

Today we went to a cowboy church. It was held at God and Country theater. They had a group that sang and played gospel music. Also had a preacher that preached for about 10 minutes. The service lasted about 1 1/2 hrs. It didn't seem that long. We came home to the trailer and levt again around 2:00 for a show called Red Hot and Blue. It was a high energy show. Lots of dancing and singing. Tomorrow morning Thelma and I are going to a hard rock cafe for breakfast. The waiters all sing wile doing the job. Then in the afternoon we go to the Dixie Stampde. The whole group is going. Should be a great time. We were scheduled to leave on Thurs morning but deceided to stay until Mon morning so we can see a few more shows. We can't stay away all day as Eli has to be let out and have a little family time. So we will probably do maybe one or two shows. Tues we are having a potluck in the evening. Wed I play golf with the group. Think there is 12 or 16 playing. Sat afternoon we went to Lamberts home of the throwed rolls. It was okay but not up to what we expected from what people had told us about the one in Alabama. Thats about it tonight Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, July 10, 2009


We are in Branson at the ABC campground. It is okay I guess. They are nice but the sites are small as far as width goes. I guess they figure if you are here your not gonna spend a bunch of time in your trailer. We are going to Lamberts resturant tomorrow. About 30 of us I think. We had a snack thing tonight. Moday we go to Dixie Stampede and Tues night we have potluck. We will leave here on Thurs. I thought we were staying till Fri but we leave on Thurs. We will have some down time and rest some. We were here many years ago but don't remember much about it. Thats about it for tonight. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's over

Tonight was the last night for our Campvention. We will leave here tomorrow for Branson. Maybe some relaxation. The queen is from Kansas. Real nice lady. It is late again tonight. I hope next week we have a little more time to just sit and rest. We will be going to the Dixie Stampede on Tues. evening. We will probably do a couple of more shows. but they are expensive. Will leave next Fri to start home. Probably will take three days. Later all Ron and Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009 Queen and Court

Here is a picture of the 2009 Teen Queen and her court. It was a big night for her and all the other young ladies. I am puttin the pictures with captions on Picassa next week I will put a link to them when we get to I will have wifi there and will not have to use my air card which can us a lot of bytes when uploading pictures. Will post more tomorrow. We have one more day here and then on Fri we leave for Branson. That will be a fun and relaxing week. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy days

We have been so busy that I missed two days of blogging. It has been hot hot here. Today I played golf in the morning. Got back to the trailer about 2:00. It really got hot on the course. Tonight we have our queen contest. Some teen age girl will have her dreams fullfilled. This is the highlight of our campvention. We have been out pretty late at night that is why I havent done the blog. Mon night we had a noise parade for our Indiana Teen Queen. We had a idiot come out in his underwear and beat on our trucks as he was mad for all the noise. He was talked to by the Chairman of the campvention. If it had been me I would have told him to leave. He used some filthy language where the teens were on the trucks. That's about it for this afternoon. I will post a picture tomorrow of the new queen. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another busy day

Thelma went up to the office to learn how things work for the Campvention. Since she is the assistant next year. She and the Office lady both went today. I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. This afternoon we went with other committee people to parade the trustees. This evening we had a young lady who is blind sing and play the piano. What a great lady. I will post a picture tomorrow. It is getting late and church is at 9:00 in the morning. Later all
Ron Thelma and Eli.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another day

Tonight was opening ceremonies. We had the ribbon cutting .We then had the Blue and Grey Pickers. What a great group. Blue grass Western. Wonderful singing . I don't know how to get the pictures where I want them The bottom one is the ribbon cutting and the top one is the pickers. That's about it for tonight. It is almost bed time. Later all Ron and Thelma

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Opening Day

Tomorrow is the offical start of the Campvention. Opening ceremonies are tomorrow evening. There is activities going on all day. Not sure what we are going to do yet. We had a young lady sing tonight. She was good. Country Music. Thats about it for tonight. Time for bed already. Don't know where the time has gone. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here is a picture of all the units coming in. They will be coming in tomorrow , Fri and maybe Sat. I think they have about 500 or more registerd. It was warm today. I took a few pictures and we went to Dairy Queen for a blizzard. More tomorrow. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are now in Sedalia,Mo for our FCRV rally. We will be here till a week from Friday. It is hot here but cooled down this evening. 71 at 9:45 pm. We will have a fun filled week I hope. We arrived about 2:00 this afternoon. I will get some pictures of the campers tomorrow. We have about 2 days where we don't have much to do and then on Thurs I start taking pictures. Thats about it for tonight. About ready for bed I'm tired tonight Think the driving does that. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mulberry Grove, Il

We are setting here at a campground in Mulberry ,Il. WE got here about 2:00 Central time. Went into a Pondarosa for dinner with Dick and Marge. Was really pretty good. Tomorrow we head for Sedalia Mo. Will be there for about 10 days. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving on

Tomorrow we leave here and head for mulberry grove, Il. We will stay the night there and then go to Sedalia,Mo. We had a great time here this four days. We went to church this morning and then to breakfast with the family. This evening Nephew and niece came out and stayed for a while and then a cousin came and stayed for a while. Nice chat. Our friends that we are travling with to Sedalia came in this afternoon late. So we are ready to hit the road in the morning. Later all Ron and Thelma and Eli

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy day

Today we went into Tipton to meet Kevin and family, Violet and Sherryl for pizza the Pzza shack by the tracks. This is the best pizza we have ever eaten. After lunch we went to the 40th anniversary party. It Was nice. Saw some folks we hadn't seen for sometime. We have been home here for a little while Will fix some supper later here. It is down to 84 Has been in the 90s. When I look out the back window where my laptop is that is the view I see on yesterdays picture. I will post a lot more when we get to our campvention Thats about it from here.
Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Day

Another day is gone. We had a cookout tonight at Thelma'a Nephews place His brother is here from Iowa. We had a great time Brats Burger and Dogs. Here is a picture of where we are

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We are parked here in Whiteriver Campground. It sure is hot. It is 80 out right now at 9:30. We went into tipton to take Thelma's sister and niece out for supper for their birthdays which were a week or so ago. We then came back to the camper. Thank goodness for A/C. I remember when we had the old FW it had no A/C. Don't remember it getting this hot. Will try and post a couple of pictures of this campground tomorrow sometime. We will be here till Monday Morning Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

We are leaving tomorrow after the mailman comes. I have stopped the mail after that. We will go to Cicero In for the weekend. Thelma'a brother paul and his wife are celebrating 40 yrs of marriage. We will leave on Mon morning for Sedalia Mo. again. Hope we don't have the rain we had there in May. Probably will be hot as all get out. Got the pool uncovered this evening. Kristin wanted to use it while we were gone. It had been so lousy weather that thought maybe we wouldn't open it till after we got back. That's about it for tonight. later Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We got home today about 1:00 this afternoon. We had a good campout. Not very many there. Only 30 units. It has been getting smaller all the time. We had no rain all weekend. That was good. We have about a week and a half before we leave for Sedalia again. That's about it from here. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We are here for a State Campout. Only 32 units. It seems to go down every time we have one. It is a bueatiful day today. I did not get on the net last night as we had hospitality and then set around the campfire till about 11. Woke up this morning early. We have a big day ahead. 'Happy Birthday to my sister Shirley. Not saying how old she is but she's getting there. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting caught up

Got the grass cut and mail sorted. Not as much as I thought it would be. Right now am paying some bills and then need to go out to the camper and get the dirty clothes out. You know laundry. Later Ron Thelma and eli

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home again

We made it home today about 3:00 In time. Had beautiful weather on the way. Backed in and went to get the mail. Went to Nine mile to get a bite to eat. When we got home I cut the grass. It needed it. We will be home till next Fri when we leave for a State campout That's it for now Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Change in plans

We have decieded to stay another day here I was raining pretty good this morning and since we don't have to be home we will stay another day. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so should make it better. We have cable and wifi so are happy. Not much else. I'm sure we will leave tomorrow. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Effingham, Ill

We are back here at the campground we stayed at on the way to escapade. Not near as busy as it was on Memorial day Fri. We left about 4 dollars at the casino. I won .41 cents on one machine. It takes some time to learn how the machines work. Guess I'm not a big gambler. This morning we did two loads of laundry at the campground we stayed at last night. That way when we get home tomorrow we won't have so much to do. We couldn't get in here till 1:00 so turned out good. Think we are going to Culvers for supper. Then stop at Wally world on the way back. We need a couple of bulbs for some lights in the camper. We had some hard rain when we got to Ill. Nice out now. Sun shining. Guess thats about it for today. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, June 1, 2009

St Charles Mo

We are in a rv park at St Charles Mo. We will go to the casino later for dinner and maybe throw a little money away. It is really hot here. We had a great time at the resort with Paul and Beth. The people that they camp with were great. It was like they had know us before. We will try and get back there. April and Kaden come in on Sunday and stayed for a few hours. Kaden had a ball. We grilled brats and burgers and dogs. Had a great time. Paul and Beth left when we went this morning. We stopped at a sausage place not too far from the campground. Bought too much. We will leave here probably tomorrow and head to effingham ill for the night and then home. Later all. Ron Thelma and Eli

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lost Valley River Resort

We are here at the resort Paul and Beth are. Here is a picture of our unit. We got here Fri afternoon. It is a nice place. I" have no Verizon Signal so am using wifi at the cafe. Am a couple of days behind. Yesterday we went to Cuba to see the largest rocking chair. also some murials in the town. I didn't take my camera along. Couldn't believe it. April and Kayden just arrived here. How big he is. We will leave here in the morning and head to ST louis area. Maybe go to a casino. Will update then Love all Ron Thelma and Eli.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Day

Today was the last day. Tomorow we leave for owensville, where we will camp with Paul and Beth. All lot of people today were pulled out. I'm hoping we will be okay tomorrow. We get our truck and trailer weighed at 11;00 tomorrow. They weighed the truck today so they know how much the hitch weight is on the truck. We are getting up early in the morning to get started on buttoning things up and get out. If we get out early we will just wait till 11. Yes there were escapees in the resturant. I gues nobody has stoves in the campers. ha Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The sun is out

The sun finally came out about 4:00 pm. It will need a couple of good days to dry up. This is a lady who was parked behind us. She got pulled out for 150.00 dollas. We are getting our rig weighed Fri Morn at 11:00 so will have to see if I can get out of here. I parked the truck on the other side of where we are so the sun will get to it. We went to a Mexican resturant last night. A bunch of escapees were there also. I meet a couple today that I had been following their blog. It is nice when you can meet them in person. For those of you who read the blog don't be afraid to leave comments. I am going to learn how to put pictures on here. I was hoping that this couple that does computer seminars would have one on blogging but they did picasa which I attended. Also went to a dutch oven cooking one. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rainy night

Boy have we had a lot of rain. The ground is really squishy. Hope it dries off in the next couple of days. It is supposed to get better tomorrow with some sunshine. We have acouple of seminars to go to this afternoon. I thought I would update this blog now istead of later. We are going to a mexican resturant this evening. Yesterday we went to Wally world and thought we had gone into mexico. I never saw so many mexicans. They couldn't talk english. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainy Day

Today has been a rainy day. It is 10:36 here and is raining pretty good. I don't know how much we are getting I have a rain guage out will check in the morning. We went to a seminar today on how to clean your rv. Very informitive. Some good entertainment tonight. A family group the does branson in the summer. In fact they will be there next week. Tomorrow some more seminars. They have a lot of them here almost to many. We are having a good time. Later all
Ron Thelma Eli

Sunday, May 24, 2009


We are om Seda;ia at the Escapade. We had a orientation for first timers/ Then had drawing for door prizes. Didn't win anything yet. They gave away a 19 in Tv from Walmart. They have entertainment tonight. So far the weather has held. No rain yet. Later all Ron and Thelma and Eli

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Co0lumbia, mo

We are in Columbia this afternoon. We will leave here in the morning. We are at Cottonwood campground. The sights are pretty small at least the one they put us in.And they have trees right where you pull in. Dumb. These people that design a campground never seem to have any idea how big to make the sight. I know the more ;you can get in the more money you make. We will not stay here again. and I will leave comments on the camsite review page. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Friday, May 22, 2009

Effingham, Ill

We are at a campground in Effingham, Ill. Nice campground Good sam park Free wi fi Cable TV. Shaded pull thru site. I think we might stop here on our way back from Sedalia. We will probably go out to eat at a resturant here. Looked at the menu in the office. Looked good. Tomorrow we stop in Columbia Mo. From there to Sedalia on Sun Morning Later Ron Thelma and the big boy Eli

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Service

Thelma and I went last night to the memorial service for Heartland Hospice. It was a very moving service. I took some pictures of the banner. Have to tweak the pictures some before I put them up. Might not get to them till later this week. We went to Kristins concert tonight at Concordia. She drove herself. Boy is she getting older. We leave Fri morning for Sedalia. Will be there till the next Fri. Will stop at the campground Paul and Beth are at for a couple of days and then head home. Later all Ron Thelma, Eli

Friday, May 15, 2009

Home again

We are home for a few days. We had a good time except for Wed when it rained so much. The river we had behind us really came up. We will be here till Fri Morning and then head for Sedalia Mo. Will be there till the Following Friday. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain Went away

We did not have the as bad a weather as they had predicted. It rained quite a bit but no high winds here. The river is right behind us and it is really flowing fast. and has risen quite a bit but think it is as high as it will go. We went in town last night for pizza at the shack. We are going with Thelma's sister and neice to eat tonight. We will leave in the morning for home. Be there till next Fri and leave for Sedalia,Mo. Guess that is about all for now . Ron Thelma and Eli.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain go away

We had a good day yesterday. Had Spagetti for evening meal. One lady made the sauce and others did the sketti. Thelma made a coulple of pies that use jello coolwhip and yoygurt. Was good. Today it has been raining all day. Went to a goodwill store this morning. Got a shirt and pair of pants. Thelma is up in the building playing games. I came back to be with Eli. He is laying on the couch now. I fried out bacon earlier. Have to try and figure out exactly how I wont this blog. We are going into Tipton tonight for Pizza at the Shack by the tracks. Later Ron and Thelma and Eli

Monday, May 11, 2009


This is a test for a new blog.