Friday, December 11, 2009

New jack

Picked up the trailer today. They put a new jack on the left front side. The service writer says it was of me having the stabilizers on the front. I can not believe that so many other people on the Montana forum have them and have not had any problem.. I still think that it was something else. I am not really happy with this guy. He seems to be one of them that thinks he knows it all. So it is sitting in the driveway waiting till after the first of the year. We will probably leave about the middle of Jan. Depends on the weather forecast. Thats about it for now. Tomorrow we have a cookie walk at church and an open house at Edward Jones office. Sunday afternoon Concordia has their Christmas concert at the Embassy. That is always neat. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. I am probably going to go to a cookie walk today up at the Catholic church in Conifer. Our friend goes there and she baked a lot of cookies for it.

  2. Would the jack have been covered under warranty if not for the stabilizer? If it would, I would check the web site for the stabilizer manufacturer and see if they have any disclaimers about not putting stabilizers on the jack. And if they don't, I would sure try to get them to cover it.

  3. We are having a cookie walk for our kids group at church. That is when we have ourkids program and we are hoping some of the parents of our unchurched kids will come.