Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well we are getting snow again. It has stopped for now. Just shoveled off the deck. My brother and his wife stopped in this afternoon. We had a nice visit. They will be leaving tomorrow to head back to Ill to see if their truck can be fixed quickley or if they need to leave it. It stopped on them on the way to Fort Wayne. I got a letter yesterday from the district court here in Fort Wayne. I have been selected for duty on the 12 of Jan. I hope it doesn't affect our plans to leave on the 18th. I sent a note in the questioner that we were planning on leaving at that time. Probably doesn't make any difference to them. Well that's about it for now. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli.


  1. Jury summons always seem to come when you have other plans. No, it probably won't make any difference to them since it's for six days before you leave, unless it is for a long drawn out trial. But maybe they won't pick you anyway.

  2. Maybe you won't have to serve. I have been called a couple of times and never had to serve. One time was when we were going on vacation. I called them and told them we would be gone during that time and I didn't have to report.