Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thought I better update this thing. We have been pretty busy for us. The other day I deceided to defrost the freezer in the basement. Boy did it need it. I ended up throwing out some stuff that was over two years old. Had two garbage sacks full. Well not completly full as they are two heavy full. Also put up some shelves on the door for the pantry. It holds a lot of the cans. We found some stuff in the pantry that we forgot about. Threw that out too. We baked some monster cookies yesterday and today I made some oatmeal and butterscotch. They are from Market day. We have some snow today. I think it quit now. It is really heavy. Course I didn't put the blade on the tractor so the snow will just stay there. What God puts down he will take away. That is what the guy who owned the mobile home park in Urbana always said. He was really bad about doing snow unless it really got deep. Not much else going on. We are still not sure exactly when we are leaving in Jan ?Will post on here when we are going to leave. Thats about it Later all RonThelma and Eli


  1. This is the time to clean out a freezer. With the cold weather, you can put it out for the garbage and the animals don't pick up the smell as easy. I also need to defrost ours. Think I will try to do that over our Christmas break.

  2. I need to clean out the freezer, too, although it's not real full at this time. Sometimes I use things even if they've been in there a while (hey, it's frozen) unless it has freezer burn. Some meats keep longer. Breads/buns don't keep very long and they usually get thrown out. We have neighbors that must think that what God puts down he will take away, too. They don't use their snow blower very often--and they are younger than we are.