Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting old?

Here it is Wed and I don't see a post for Tues. What happened. It must have not appeared on here. I guess I missed again. Today Thelma had her last therapy today. She got her graduation T shirt. Now she has two of them. We went to Concordia High tonight for a choral concert. Kristin is in the womans glee club. It only lasted and hour which was good as Thelma was getting antsy. She can't take to long sitting in one place. That was about her limit. The concert was good. It is cool here tonight Supposed to warm up later. Fri is really supposed to be good so think I will finish up the leaves. I think most will be done by then. What isn't will stay till spring. They are working on Tillman road. The company that pt in the lowest bid gets the work. They are just doing in different sections. They are not doing the whole street. The company is garcia. Now what do you think the people are. Wonder if they got green cards. They seem to work one day and then take the next off. Probably won't get done till Christmas. Well that's about it for tonight Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. I'm sure Themlma is glad to have the therapy sessions over. Does she still have to do some things on her own? It's nice that you got to go to Kristin's concert. An hour of sitting in one place is about my limit, too. Especially if you don't stand once in a while (like in church).