Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 16

Not much new. Yea it seems like this knee is having more pain than the other one. We really can't remember for sure from the other one. Eli is one lucky dog that is for sure. But we feel pretty lucky to have him. If he just got along with other dogs. Darlene is holding her own. Not much progress as of yesterday evening. Usually hear something around 10:00 in the evening. Thats about it for tonight. Thanks for all the prayers sent Thelma's way. A couple of more weeks and she will be better I hope. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. I hope, too, that the pain will subside soon. It's just been a month, although it seems longer. As for Eli not getting along with other dogs, I'm not sure ours did either--well, I think Ruffie did, but not Bitsy.