Saturday, November 7, 2009

One nice day

Boy was today a nice day. I did some more leaves. Still have a couple of trees that the leaves are hanging on . We had therapy yesterday afternoon. Went to Halls on Bluffton road to eat afterward. She has two more sessions then that is over. She goes to the surgeon on Dec 15th.
I got an email from Bob Gurney yesterday late afternoon. They took Darlene back to surgery for some bleeding in her chest cavity. I have not heard anymore since then . The surgeon said that some rest she would be okay. Prayers sent her way would be appreciated I'm sure. She is one tough lady to go through what she has. That's about it for tonight Gonna hit the shower and shave. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli.


  1. Haven't checked the blog in a few days. Been down with this cough again. Glad Thelma is getting along so well. Yes, today was beautiful. I guess this is probably our Indian Summer. Will definitely keep Darlene (and Bob) in our prayers.

  2. We've been having nice weather out west, too. I'll bet Thelma is counting down the therapy sessions and will be glad to have that behind. Sorry to hear about Darlene G. having to go back into surgery. Will say some prayers for her. Where are they living and where did she have the surgery?