Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time sure flies

Well Think I missed a couple of days. Not much has happened. Thelma is still experianceing pain more than she would like. I think I have done all the leaves for this year. They are mostly down and don't think the rest will make much difference. Thelma went to church tonight and even walked up for communion. Went to Arbys and got a couple of sandwiches and brought them home. Eli loves that . He really likes roast beef. What doesn't he like. He is one spoiled dog. Well that is about it tonight. Will probably not post as much as most of the stuff is over. Will keep updating when we find out something about Darlene. She is still in Icu. Having some problems. Had email today where they gave her more blood. Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Sorry that Thelma is still experiencing that much pain. Maybe it will just take more time, but when you hurt, that's not much comfort. That Eli sure lucked out when you picked him. Or maybe you lucked out, too.

  2. Is she having more pain with this one. Will continue to keep her in my prayers. Lucky Eli, Poor Alvin - he doesn't get any of that stuff.