Friday, October 2, 2009

Invitational Rally

We started our Brown County invitaional today. This is when all the other people come in that are not retired. We have a pretty good group here. Had hospitality tonight and then played euchre. Just got back. Did n't do all that well but had fun. Tomorrow there is not much going on. Some games in the afternoon. and evening program. Think we will go out for Mexican food. Thats about it. Oh some guy backed into my truck with his motorhome. Hit the truck with a bicycle carrier. Just scratched the piece above the bumper. A couple of people saw him. His wife was watching and didn't get him stopped in time. I wonder if nobody had seen it if he would have owned up to it. I had to ask him if he hit it. Then he said yea i guess I did. He almost acted like it was my fault. We don't have to high opinion of him. Will call the insurence co next week. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Does the invitational just last for the weekend since it was people coming in that are not retired? Bummer about the truck. Even though it sounds like not that bad, it's still something you have to take care of.

  2. He probably thought you should not have parked your truck where he was backing... That's the way some people think. Hope the damage can be fixed.