Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another day down.

Well we had another pretty good day. Thelma still seems to have some swelling in her foot and some in her leg. The foot seems to be the worst. We have been putting ice pack on it during the day. She went t bed early tonight. She still gets tired. I went to the kroger this morning and got a few things. A friend stopped in this afternoon for a while. We had a good visit. On Monday we have to go to the cumadin clinic at Lutheran and have her blood checked We also have to make a stop at the therapy place on Brooklyn Ave. Tomorrow I think I will go out to our old church and get carryout for us. They are having a Swiss Steak Chicken dinner. That is the hardest trying to figure out what to fix to eat. Well that's about it for tonight. Will probably update again tomorrow. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. She will probably be tired for a while. Her body went thru a lot. Hopefully the ice pack will take the swelling down. I know what you mean about figuring out what to eat. I don't mind cooking if someone could just tell me what to fix.

  2. Hope the swelling goes down soon. Did she have that problem the last time? You'll probably have a busy week with therapy staring and all that. At least maybe you won't be in the midst of an ice storm like last least let's hope not. Swiss steak sounds good!