Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The sun is out

The sun finally came out about 4:00 pm. It will need a couple of good days to dry up. This is a lady who was parked behind us. She got pulled out for 150.00 dollas. We are getting our rig weighed Fri Morn at 11:00 so will have to see if I can get out of here. I parked the truck on the other side of where we are so the sun will get to it. We went to a Mexican resturant last night. A bunch of escapees were there also. I meet a couple today that I had been following their blog. It is nice when you can meet them in person. For those of you who read the blog don't be afraid to leave comments. I am going to learn how to put pictures on here. I was hoping that this couple that does computer seminars would have one on blogging but they did picasa which I attended. Also went to a dutch oven cooking one. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. "Escapees" were at the Mexican restaurant?