Monday, May 11, 2009


This is a test for a new blog.


  1. This is a test comment too. I'm having trouble getting them to take it.

  2. Hi! Saw your comment and thought I would tell you about the cowboy breakfast---and welcome you to blogging. Mike McFall got me started on this and I love it---even set up one for our area of Colorado. And I am your first follower!!!

    When we were having the shell of our cabin built, the contractor put an old woodstove in it so that he wouldn't freeze---but it wasn't airtight. It ended up outside once we got the new one and to make a long story short, my husband cooks out on it with cast iron cookware. Usually he makes great homefries with a special seasoning from Dinosaur Barbeque, fried Spam (or bacon, or sausage) and eggs over easy. It is especially good when eaten outside at the picnic table!!!! Will put your blog on my favs and watch you! :)+