Sunday, September 27, 2009

Johnson County Park

Here is a picture of Eli last week. I was on the computer and Thelma was doing something at the table so he laid down with his head on the table leg. He is just happy to be close to one of us.
We are here at Johnson county. Will leave tomorrow for Nashville. It is rather cool here today. Yesterday it finally stopped raining but then rained some more during the night. Was a little bit worried about getting out but no problem. I think most of the people got out okay. We drove about 50 minutes to get here from Shelbyville. Nice little drive. We have had a lot of choppers going over us as they are landing at Camp Atterbury. Not sure what they are doing but that is a place that they train units going over seas. Mostly Guard and Reserves. Seems they are using them more and more. It is going to be somewhat cool next week. I remember a couple of years ago we about melted as it was so hot. Now it's gonna be cool. Why can't we just get a medium temp and leave it at that. Well thats about it from here. Will blog next week from Nashville, In. Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Hey, you're in Indiana. You know we are not going to have a medium temp and stay there. It is always up and down. One of the units from this area is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. They may be the ones at Atterbury.

  2. Well, our temps are like that, too. Especially this time of year. Yesterday was near perfect-- warmish day and cool nights--good for sleeping. Cute picture of Eli. Our dogs were kind of like that too, just wanted to be nearby, especially Bitsy.