Friday, July 17, 2009

Showboat Branson Belle

Here is the guy who is a ventroloquist. He made the dogs talk. I don't know how he made it look like their mouths moved. They also had a musical type show before him but this is what we rally wanted to see. He could have done more but i guess the dogs get tired. This moring we saw a show called spirit of the dance. It was really good also. Lot of energy. They probably burned 20000 calories. Tonight we are going to see a elvis impersonater. They were free tickets. tomorrow morning we go on a train ride. We were going to do a dinner ride but it is to pricey. Tommorow night we see another show. It will probably be late when we get back so thought I would update now. Lost the wifi last night. Guess the storm knocked out a tower somewhere. Only have two more days and then start for home. Guess thats about it for now. Ron Thelma and Eli.

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