Thursday, July 23, 2009


We are home for a few weeks. We will not go out again till in Aug. We will be going to a State campout. It is at Tipton, in. The pool was green when we got back. I forgot to tell Gary to put Chlorine in it. He did put some in while we were gone but not enough. I don't think it has been warm enough for them to swim. It was only 72 this afternoon. Thats about it from here. We have dentist appointments next week and haircuts. Eli got clipped today and the groomer brought a poodle that she inheireted. The lady brought the two dogs to her to get groomed and then said that she didn't want them anymore. He was the cutest. Eli didn't like him too much. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. Gosh, kind of hard to believe someone would just get rid of their dogs that way. Hope they have a good home with the groomer. Teddy never particularly liked other dogs either but he tolerated them. We always thought it was because he thought he was a person--not a dog.