Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday I played golf. Well not really played just hit the ball. It was so hot by the time we finished that I didn't care if I ever played again. Last night we went to Noah the musical. It was pretty good. They took a few liberty's with the story. I never new that the people of the town set the ark on fire. They had some real animals that they led onto the ark. I will put a picture of the model on when I upload the pictures. We couldn't take pictures when the show was on. We have found this a lot here. We are going to the Showboat Branson Belle this afternoon. We been on this boat years ago. This show is different has dogs in it. Eli wanted to go but they said no dog's He told them he wasn't a dog. It broke his heart. Ha We did laundry this morning and I went to Walmart some things while Thelma showered. Thats about it from here today . Later
Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Sounds like you have been busy. I know what you mean about heat sometimes--and there you are dealing with humidity, too. Too bad Eli couldn't have gone along--then he could have written a paragraph on your blog.

  2. We were on the Showboat a couple of years ago. I don't remember what we saw but know it was good. We have never seen a bad show down there. We really enjoyed the Jim Stafford show and also the 50s show and also Six.

  3. Maybe you could have told them that Eli was paying for the show and they might have left him in.