Friday, June 18, 2010

Missed yesterday

I don't have a very fast signal here in Rockville. We sat outside visiting last night and it was 10:00 before we came in . I went and took a shower and when I got on the net it was so slow that I just checked email and got off. Yesterday Thelma and I hit the Amish stores . We found three of them I think we bought something at every one of them. Not much but a little. Last night the latch for the door broke and so this morning we went down to Terre Haute to a dealer and got a new one. So now we can get out with out the screwdriver. We might take a drive later to some bridges. Thought we would go this morning but with having to fix the latch that didn't work. That's about it for now Later. Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I know how that goes when the signal is slow, especially when it's later at night and you're tired. Does the area that you are in have an Amish community or are there just the stores that sell stuff.

  2. What kind of things did they have at the stores? Anything they have is always nice.