Friday, March 8, 2013

An interesting day

This morning we meet a bunch of FCRVers at a place called Kelly's Landing. This guy serves craw fish etouffee on rice with corn and salad. He explained how they raise the craw fish. First they plant rice one year and then harvest the rice. Then they flood the fields and put craw fish in there. They feed on the rice straw and trash left. Then they put in traps that the craw fish crawl into. They will empty the water off of the fields at the end of harvest season and the craw fish crawl into the ground till the next time it is flooded. This was really interesting. Then they replant with rice the next year. After 2 yrs they have to put soybeans in and then go back to rice and craw fish. We had a meal here It was really good. He also is a big toy tractor collector. John Deere in one room and others in the other room. Here are some pictures

This is one of the fields by his house. You can see the tops of the traps every 25 ft or so.

Here is some of the John Deere's

Above is Massey Harris 44 and a Versatile We had a great time. Tomorrow we are going to a flea market not far from here. Sunday we will move over to Rayne. That is it for tonight Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. We loved that place, the owner was a real hoot:) We were there with a Winnebago group and he told us a very humorous version of his entire life:)

    1. Yep he told us his life story too. Now I want to hear his wifes side of the story