Friday, April 23, 2010

On the road again

We are this evening at Urbana Ohio. This is where we lived for 14 years. We got set up around 1:00 and then went to the airport cafe. We used to eat here a lot when we lived here. This is will not be a big campout as it is just a district one. After we ate we went into springfield and drove by the plant. Sure not many cars there. They only have about 400 or so working there now. That is factory people. My sister was here this past week. She stayed at my other sisters place. She came into town on Monday andWed. We had good visits. Had not seen her for quite a while it is a long drive from Colorado. not sure what all we will do this weekend. They are saying we are going to get rain. So what is new. We get that a lot when camping. I think the farmers could use some rain. The ones working in the fields on the way over were creating a lot of dust. Thats about it for tonight. "Have to get into this slowly.

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  1. Yes, we did have good visits, and yes, it is a long drive.