Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recap of winter trip

Thought I would give a little recap of our trip.
We drove the truck 4791 Miles
Pulled the trailer 2874 miles
Drove the truck by itself 1917 miles
We spent 75 days in the camper.
Stayed in 13 different campgrounds
We used 438.06 gals of diesel
Our average mileage was 10,93 mpg
The truck computer showed an average of 11mpg most of the time. I never reset it when we filled up. Sometimes it would get up to about 12 then go down. Coming back from South Carolina I think the mileage went down as we had some hills and I pushed it pretty hard. The truck really did fine. We had great weather all during the driving time. I don't think we ever drove in much rain. We stayed a couple of extra nights when we got to Al. because a storm was coming in. So that's about it for the trip. Now I need to get the oil changed in the truck. and get it washed. Brought SC mud with us. Thanks to all who followed the blog and commented Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. That was a lot of miles. What was the highest you paid for diesel? Are you getting rested up?

  2. That is impressive info. You must have done alot of sightseeing. Carl & I have both enjoyed your blog. See you soon. I am glad camping season is close.

  3. I think the most we paid was $3:01 and the lowest was $2:66. Big range in prices. A lot depended on which state we were in.

  4. Wow that's a lot of mileage and a lot of fuel. But you saw a lot and did a lot. Now you can look forward to summer camping.