Friday, May 28, 2010

A great day

Today was a great day. We slept in this morning as neither one of us slept very good Wed. Night. Slept good last night was really tired. It is hot here and can't run the air so we have fans running. Have one by the bedroom windows Bought a power protection outfit today. We are afraid of the power that we are going to have at our campvention in Mi. So Bob and I each bought one. Since we both got one they did not charge us sales tax which saved us some money. He got a 50 amp but I bought a 30 as that is what we always use. So we shall see. Tonight they had two guys that did impression type music. The one guy had some trouble with his voice so he did not sing much . The other one did a lot of Elvis and he was pretty good. He really played to the audience. I just took a shower and finishing this up and then will go to bed. It is almost 11 so time for me to go . See that my font changed Wont mess with it tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Why can't you run the A/C?

  2. And what is a power protection outfit?