Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bueatiful Day

Today was a bueatiful day.Got kinda warm . Put the air on this afternoon. It was 86 inside. This morning we went to Mickey ds for breakfast. Sherryl came out here to the fiargrounds earlier than we expected. I was just shaving so finished that up and then went Sherryl had to take her dog to the groomers at Noon so we went after that to eat at the pizza shack by the tracks. Was good as usual. Right as we were leaving Sherryl's phone rang. Annie was done so we went and picked her up. I held her in the back seat. She is a hand full. After taking her home we went to Wall mart. Picked up a few things for a salad that Thelma wants to make for tomorrow. We are cooking out here in the evening when we get back from the party we are going to. She want's to make this when we are in Berrien Springs Mi. Using Violet and Sherryl as test tasters. We stayed here at the fairgrounds while Thelma made the salad. Then we went into Violets. She wanted something to eat so went to the DQ in town. Had a hot dog and drink and the Sherryl and I walked Annie a little bit. We came home and I got a shower . Think the humidity has risen as it was warm walking. That's about it for tonight. We will go to church in the morning and then hit Mickey Ds for breakfast and then we will come back here and get ready to got to Rossville. It is about and hour away. We could not find a campground closer so this will work. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. It was nice here, too. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Sounds like you have having a nice weekend. Enjoy! Is the party someone from your camping group?