Friday, July 23, 2010

Here is a couple of pictures for you . One is the young girl that won best of show in the dog show. Bob Nehart is in the one. He was last night entertainment. He was funny.
The little pony is here by the campground. He really sticks by his mother.
They have some donkeys and either llamas or alpacas in the same
field. He is so cute. Tayna Tucker was tonights entertainment. She was good too. Her oldest daughter did a couple of numbers while mom changed clothes. Thats about it for tonight . Tomorrow is another day. Not sure what we will be doing. Later
RonThelma and Eli


  1. Cute picture of the little girl and her dog. We always liked the Bob Newhart show, the inn in New England and Larry with his two brothers, Darrell and Darrell.

  2. I always enjoyed Bob Newhart. He was always funny with a kind of dry sense of humor. I am sure I would have enjoyed Tanya Tucker. How old is her daughter? Sounds like you are having a really good time.