Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bridgeton, In

Today we went to Bridgeton to see what is there. People lots of people. We did not see everything there. They have tents packed next to each other. Ate a lot of stuff. Here are a couple of pictures

The Mill is at bridgeton as you can see. The other one is one I took when we stopped to see a bridge. I hope to get more pictures in the next few days. Guess that's about it for tonight.  Later all  Ron Thelma and Eli He got a new bandana today with his name on it. 


  1. Looks like the trees are really pretty there. It has really gotten pretty here but I think maybe the rain we had last night may take some of the leaves down. Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy.

  2. I really miss the fall colors. It is not nearly as pretty in MO as in IN. I guess we have too many oak trees and they don't get the bright colors like maples.