Thursday, October 28, 2010


We have reservations made for Texas for Jan and Feb. Will be at Rolling homes in Donna Texas. We might stay another week in March and then start for Canton where the retiree rally is. We can go in there about 3 or four days early.  The other morning Thelma went to the bathroom and said the toilet was not filling up. I got up and walked in and could here water running somewhere. Went down to basement and a faucet had rusted partway through. Shut off the water at main valve and went up and got dressed. Called the guy who used to do plumbing for us. No answer so call Louie Bowman neighbor guy. He was on his way home and stopped in. Showed him what happened. He said he would be back. Went home and got some parts. I had to go get a new faucet but we got it fixed. Did not spray much water. Thank goodness it was in the morning. I think when she flushed the toilet it put a sudden burst of pressure that it finally gave up.  Glad that didn't happen when we were gone for the winter.  That's about it from here. It is cool Think winter is on the way. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I just looked up Donna, TX on the map. It is pretty much where I thought it would be, down in the Rio Grande Valley. Was in that general area when Dennis' folks lived in Brownsville. You are right--good think that plumbing thing didn't happen when you were gone for the winter. Good that Mr. B was available to help you. Guess that means he is still doing well.

  2. Sounds like you will be down where it is warm. How soon after the new year are you leaving?

  3. Hard to believe that Mr. Bowman is still doing plumbing work. Or maybe you did it and he supervised. How old is he? I think I would turn off the water if I was gone for a couple of months.