Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We are near Birmingham tonight Got here about 3 this afternoon. We went to a Wal mart and got a universal remote for the TV ion the bedroom. I picked up the wrong one at home. Pretty cheap and works. Tomorrow we head west. We had a pretty good trip today. It is 45 right now. It was up to 59 when we got here this afternoon. We ate at a cracker barrel.  Thanks Kristin. She gave us a gift card for Christmas. Didn't want it to get lonely so used it. Good meal and great waitress. Not sure where we will stop tomorrow. Maybe just drive till about 3 and then look for campground  That's about it for tonight Thelma has just gone to bed and I'm about ready too.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It was probably in the 50's in Denver today, but is to change drastically in the next two days. Probably get to zero or less by New Years Eve. Is your GPS planning your route?

  2. We are heading to Amanda's today and it is supposed to get up to 66 on Saturday. Will feel like a heat wave. Where do you think you will spend New Years Eve?

  3. It was 58 today in St. Peters. Sure felt warm.