Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In Tennesee

We are in Tennessee tonight. Not very warm Outside thermometer says 30. A lot of trailers and mh here. This must be the stopping place on the way down. Some are headed to Florida and some to Texas. A couple are from Canada. One i talked to was from Anderson in. Tomorrow we head to Birmingham. Hope it is warmer . We went to a waffle house for supper. Pretty good. We just had sandwiches as when we got fuel at a flying j we each got a big piece of pizza. We hadn't had pizza for quite a while. It was a meat lovers. Gooood. Eli didn't like that as he couldn't have any.  We drove 397 today. We don't like to do that much but to get where it is supposed to be warmer you have to. We are now on Central time. Need to change the puter I guess.  Guess that's it for tonight Later all

Ron Thelma and Eli.


  1. Weather channel says it is 19 here with a wind chill of 9 so at least you are warmer there. By tomorrow night you should be a little warmer. Be safe.

  2. Sounds like a full day. Each day it should get a little warmer for the most part.