Monday, April 4, 2011


We made it to just north of Nashville this afternoon. It was a bad day for driving. It was nice this morning but right about lunch time it turned sour. We stopped to get fuel and lunch at a Pilot truck stop. It started to rain just as I turned to go around back. We ran in and got some roast beef sandwiches. Eli loves Arbys. We had a light rain most of the way off and on. Then when we hit the west side of Nashville it began to really rain. The sign above the interstate said tornado warning turn on your radio. I had the c/d going so turned on the radio. They were telling where it was. Of course we had no idea. We hit some really heavy rain and some wind. Everybody slowed down and drove sensiably. Got here and hooked up electric and the cable so we could see what was going on. All the stations had their radar on . I finally unhooked the truck so we could go eat. Was going to Cracker Barrel but they had no power. Drove to Shoneys and they had no parking left. Went to KFC. Got Chicken. Eli was happy when we got home had some leftovers.  Yesterday we went to Graceland. Here are some pictures
This is the kitchen in the mansion This place is not as big as I had expected. It is really nice. We could not see the upstairs

This is the front of the place. It is big. Elvis bought this for 100,000  Back in I think1957. Not sure on that

His grave. I took more pictures of all four graves They will be on the web site later 

This is over at the Automobile museum. Lots of cars there. More will be on the website  Thats it for tonight It is still raining at 8:30 CDT Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Regarding the tornado warnings, I've had that happen to me driving to or from CO to IN. They tell you the area and counties affected, but most of the time you have no idea what county you are in at the time. We drove through Memphis last July on our way home from our convention. It was late in the afternoon and would have necessitated staying in Memphis overnight to go to Graceland. Since we needed to get home by a certain date, we were not able to see it. I've heard that the neighborhood around Graceland isn't so nice anymore. Did it seem that way to you?

  2. When we stayed at the KOA in Terre Haute they told us what stations to turn to in case of bad weather and also told us what county we were in. The weather was good. This was just something they did so people would know. It's a good idea.