Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trailer Dealer Campground

We are at Walnut Ridge campground for work on the trailer tomorrow. We shall see how they do. If it is crappy I will post on the Montana owners website. We have a new landing jack to be put on  Also we have a hydraulic leak on the living room slide. They said they could fix it too tomorrow. Hope we don't have to spend the whole day here. This morning we went to get breakfast at McDonald's. I had to scrape ice off the windshield. Glad I had a scraper in the back seat. After the board meeting we were going with another two couples  to get something to eat. One guy had left his keys in his truck and it wasn't turned all the way off. It drained the battery. So his clicker to open it wouldn't work. Had the police come and they got the hood handle to pull the hood latch and we got the hood open. Finally got it started and he left it run while we went to eat. The cop told him not to leave his keys in it. Evidently they have had some problems there. Well Think I will get off and put this away. We need to get up as our appointment is at 9:00 in the morning. We will then go and get breakfast and loaf till they get done.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. You had to scrape ice? Must have had a light frost. We have had an unusually warm fall so far.

  2. Scrape ice? Bad thing, bad thing. I'll be waiting for your review. If they're good I can put them on my list in case we need some work done on our rig.