Friday, January 4, 2013

Reservations made

Finally found a place that we can stay at the month of Feb. It is at Anchors Away at Foley ,Al. Had hoped to stay closer but all the places I called were full or only part of the month. They have hot tub pool wifi cable full hook ups. We have to pay for electric.That might be a bummer. Depends on how cold it is. If we run heaters a lot. Propane might be cheaper. We will leave here at the end of the month. So that is taken care of. Now need to start thinking about a place in Texas for next year. That's it for now Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I was surprised to find propane in Texas for motorhome is 2.75 a gallon while in FWA it was 2.50. Diesel might be cheaper down South. Enjoy.

    1. I thought when we were down there it was cheaper than here. You just never know How is the weather

  2. We're using propane here in AZ and it's 2.69. We're using quite a bit because I am such a wuss and cannot stand the cold at all. Have a safe travel.

  3. Hope the weather is good for you there.