Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well the last couple of days has cost me money. Last spring on the way back from Florida I blew two tires on the trailer. I had to have a guy come out and put one on. That cost me money. When we got to Louisville Ky I bought a spare. When back home I took the trailer to my friendly little tire place out in the country. Had 4new ones put on. So I had and extra good tire so had the tire dealer get a rim and put it on. I was going to use the truck to take it out but the batteries were dead. The truck is a 2006 and had the original batts. When  I got home from there we were going to go out to eat. Went to get in the car and Thelma said we have a flat. I had put the charger on the truck and had told the dealer to order me two new batts. He gave me a good price. So this morning I got the tire off the car and put it in the bed and the truck started. Went out and got two new batts and tire fixed. Wasn't too bad on cost. Sure does start a lot better. If they last as long as the original that may be the last ones I need. 5 more days and we head south. Hope the weather is good. We had a high here today of 21 Boy that was a heat wave.
Well guess that is it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It seems when one thing goes, another five go with it. Sure hope you get to go south pretty soon. 21 sounds so terrible.

  2. come on down the weather is gorgeous down here-safe travels

  3. It was 77 and sunny in Mission yesterday and more on the way. Travel safe !

  4. I had to replace the batteries in my truck last year. They told me when one goes they both go because of the way they are hooked up. Put six tires on the truck last year too. They are not cheep.

  5. Where are you going to be in Alabama. Was wondering how far you will be from Amanda and Greg. I am sick of this weather too. Wish I was heading someplace warm. Enjoy.

    1. We are going to be at Foley. Just about 10 miles from Golf shores Where are they at.