Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold Spell again

Well it turned cold here again. They say this is the worst winter they have had in a while. I know it's not like back home but it is getting ridiculous. Tues we took Eli to get groomed. He really looks good. He got a report card. Said he really did well. Even brushed his teeth. Today some friends stopped over and we went to lunch at a BBQ place it was good. We had not been to it yet. At the meeting this morning they said somebody had clothes on the line outside by the Laundromat and somebody took them Somebody walked off with Thelma's Pyrex casserole dish at Christmas time. If we were coming back down the valley we would not stay here that is for sure. Well guess that is it for tonight  Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It's been a wonderful winter in the AZ desert this year. This has been the coldest week so far and we're in the mid-60's. Next week up into the 70's. Love it.

  2. Can't believe someone would steal the clothes from a line by the laundromat. And take Thelma's dish. As for the weather, I think it has been a colder winter almost everywhere, even areas of the south,

  3. I know it is probably colder than you want but look at it this way. At least you are not sub zero like at home. Enjoy!