Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving on

Tomorrow we go to Elkhart to leave the trailer for repairs. Not sure how we are going to get all the stuff home we want. We will put a lot of the stuff in the cooler to bring home like eggs and that stuff . We bought some lunch meat and cheese at the E&S bulk food place. That will go home with us. Some of the stuff will stay in the fridge. They will either plug it in or let it run on propane. Don't know how long this will take. They should be able to give us an estimate when we get there. We don't need the trailer for another week so should be okay. We bought a few things today when we finished up the flea market. I went back to find a rain gauge that I saw 0n Tuesday but couldn't find it today. We know it was in one of the first rows we went in. Still not able to find. Well guess that's about it for tonight. We will go to a restaurant in the morning as we have most of the stuff packed for breakfast. That will save time and mess. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. What kind of repairs do you have to have done on the trailer?

  2. When we are at the flea market we always get one of the booklets that has a map in it and mark the booths we want to go back to. The girls always want to go back and look at something. Otherwise I would never remember either where it was.