Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The name of the company is autoline. Not sure what all they make. It takes him right now about 40 minutes. There is construction on 69 so it takes a little bit longer. Thought I would let you know. We are leaving tomorrow morning for Tipton for a few days. We have a state campout their over the weekend. We are going down early and meeting another couple there. We have camped with them before. Will see Violet and Sherryl on Wed and Thurs evening and then on Sunday we will be free again. Hope to do hamburgers and hot dogs Sun eve. We will stay over till Mon Morning and then head home. We want to go to Shipshee sometime. Not sure when. That's about it Later Ron Thelma and Little Eli my buddy


  1. I looked on the map and saw where Butler is. Construction always slows things down. It seems like anywhere you go, there is road construction--but after all, it is summer and that is normal. Have a good time down in Tipton.

  2. I'm working on a Blog post about Autoline and what we do. I'm a bit slow at blogging though.

  3. At least he does have interstate and fortunately the construction won't last forever. Have a safe trip and a good time.