Monday, August 16, 2010


We are in Shipshewana . It is very nice here. The campground is pretty good. Some of the layout is not how it should be. I talked to a couple of other people here and they said that who ever laid it out was not a camper. The wifi is not real fast. My air card is faster. It is nice and cool here tonight We set outside for awhile. Nice We have not sat outside when it was half way decent for quite sometime. Tomorrow we Will hit the flea market. I think it has been two years since we were here. Found a receipt that Thelma had for renting a scooter and it was in 2008. So we shall see if it is as good as it once was. later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Enjoy the flea market. Don't buy one of everything.

  2. Hope you find some bargains. Keep Eli away from the "fleas". Ha!

  3. Have a good time. I don't think the flea market has changed that much. A lot of the same old things but still fun to go. How are Thelma's knees? Will she be able to walk it or will you rent a scooter?