Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something new

Yesterday Thelma and I were going to the meat market over in Waynedale. When we walked out the door I saw a pigeon sitting on the railing of the deck. It just sat there looking at us. It then got on the table on the deck and pecked on it. I got real close and it had a red band on its right leg.So I think it was a homing pigeon. Don't know if he was tired or what . He sat there for quite a while finally he flew over to the car and landed on top of it. When we walked over to the car he flew off toward the south. Hope he found his way home. Never thought to get the camera. Was so shocked that never thought of it till later. Oh well.  That's it from here. I will send out email with some of the pictures I took at the race shops down in North Carolina. Also if you want to see the pictures from campvention go to FCRV and click on campvention and then this year Look for the photos at the bottom. Later  All Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. Seems strange that a pigeon was at your house. Maybe it was lost and couldn't find it's way to the old courthouse. Seems like there always used to be pigeons down there.