Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Got the camper back

This morning I went down and picked up the fiver. When I hooked it up and plugged in the electric cord it said trailer disconnected on my brake controller. Oh Oh. So I tried the hazard lights. Nothing on the trailer. Pulled up to the office and told them We have a problem. The service manager came out and checked. I didn't have any turn signals coming out of the truck. Well I had blown a fuse under the hood. Got that fixed. Still no brakes. The checked the box at the hitch and they had wired it wrong. They fixed that and I was on my way. Got new studs on the rear axle. Now I need to find all the nut covers that I took off when we had all the flats. They are in the basement somewhere. So we have 4 new tires and one new spare. I kept the one other tire that I bought and going to put it on another rim and have two spares when we make a long trip like south to Fl . That way I won't get taken again. The guy down in Ky really took me. I bought the tires here for half the price that guy charged me. Nothing you can do when you are stranded on the road.  Well that is it for tonight. Fri we leave for a weekend camping over in Ohio with our FCRV family. We spent 14 years over there when International closed our plant here in Ft Wayne. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. wow its shameful when your stranded and they take advantage..but what the heck can you do..other than frown and pay the bill...good idea with 2 spares...glad thats all behind you safe

    1. Your right about just paying the bill. Figure if I have two spares I won't have a flat