Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cold and Windy

So far it has been a cold and windy Sat. Yesterday was not too bad. This morning it was windy and cold. We had a tour of a small candy factory/store about 8 miles north of here. That was very interesting. They do almost everything by hand. They did a slide show. Then we bought some sugar free candy. They had a lot of it. On the way home it started sleeting. Couldn't believe that. It turned to rain after we got home. Stopped on the way and filled up the truck with fuel. This afternoon we played card bingo. Thelma won 3 times the last time she won 5 dollars. Two other times she got 2 60. She never wins at regular bingo where you put something on the cards. Tonight we have a chicken dinner and then entertainment. Elvis is in the house. He had been here before. He is pretty good. He doesn't do all the Elvis shaking Just sings his songs good. Well that is it for today. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. It is cold and windy here, too. Barely got to 50 degrees today. How do you play card bingo?