Monday, October 29, 2012

Catch up time

We have been busy doing leaves cleaning out the camper and getting it ready for winter.We will be going south after Christmas we hope. Thelma needs surgery on one of her para-thyroid glands.It is overworking and needs to come out. She sees the surgeon on Nov. 1. Will find out then when the surgery is.I have done 5loads of leaves with our vacuum Still have three trees to do. With the wind we are having they should be down in another week.  The city picks up our leaves as we can't burn them here in the city. They will come around in two weeks from now and pick up the last ones to come down. We are done camping for this year. today we had our A1C blood tests and then in the afternoon eye Dr appt. Need glasses changed again. Not all that much but enough. Tomorrow Thelma gets here hair done.I get that Wed morning and then in the afternoon we see our family Dr. It will be a busy week. Guess that is it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. So when you go south after Christmas, will you take the rig? Good luck with those A1c results. Thank goodness Jim's were great. Me sure to let us know about Thelma's surgery. Sending you guys prayers and hugs.

  2. Sending prayers that all is/goes well!

  3. I hope that she can get the surgery done fairly soon so that recovery and healing can begin, and you can go south as planned. But whenever it is, will be praying for her.