Monday, October 1, 2012

Nashville, In

We have made it to Nashville. Right now it is raining. Jim and Sandie it didn't hold off. We arrived here about 10:30 this morning. Got set up and then went and put the signs out on the road to direct people here. Most know how to get here. We have been coming here for quite a few years. We took our International Retiree King and Queen out to eat tonight. There was 16 of us. We had the back room and had a great time. Leon and Lanelle are a great couple. They are from S.C They had a pretty long drive. I think they said they had driven 8000  miles this year since being crowned in March. Hope this rain stops before tomorrow. We need dry time to play games. Tomorrow night is Soup night. Need to start that in the early afternoon. Well it is getting late.Lots to do tomorrow.Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Since you have been there often, I am sure you know about the Bare Foot factory tour. If you have not done that, it is very interesting.

    1. If I remember right the factory here burned down either a year ago . They still have shops in Nashville

  2. Sorry about the rain - I tried hard to get it to stop. lol Really, I kind of wanted that rain back in Montana and Idaho to help put out the fires. I know you're going to have a great time so stay out of trouble. (yea right!)

  3. Tell Thelma I said belated Happy Birthday. I thought about her yesterday. I was going to send an e-card thru your email but didn't get around to it. Hope the weather has improved for you.

  4. Is this the Brown County campout that the NCHA had for many years or is this something different?